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New in the gallery --- Patrick Fillion

Patrick Fillion

(From the artist's Wikipedia entry:)

Patrick Fillion (born 1973) is a Canadian illustrator and writer of comic books with erotic homosexual characters and themes.
Born in Quebec, Fillion drew comic book art and nudes from an early age, but when he moved to Vancouver in 1991 and became part of the gay community, his work went from mild to more explicit erotica. Over time, his style evolved to include more and more risqué subject matter that he developed into a line of self-published comics under the name Class Enterprises.
In 2004, Fillion and his partner Fraz created their own publishing company, Class Comics Inc., through which they release a wider range gay-themed erotic comics.
The exposure of Fillion's characters in Montreal's Zip magazine led to a deal with "mega distributor" Bruno Gmünder, who has released art books featuring Fillion's work entitled Heroes, Mighty Males and Hot Chocolate. The Class Comics titles are translated into German by Gmünder, and into French by France-based publisher H&O Editions.
Fillion also continues to produce illustrations for several gay-themed publications, and has created artwork for numerous events and organizations.


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