Erotic art history (6) --- Czechoslovakia, around 1900

(From the pages of Erotic Art History:) 

Today’s piece of non-gender conforming art comes to us from 1900 Czechoslovakia and was drawn by a prolific anonymous artist*. This painting features a standing voluptuous figure wearing earrings, makeup, a lavender dress, and low black heels who is pulling open the front of their dress.  They have masculine facial features, plucked eye brows, breasts, and what is either a very unusually long erect cock (coming up past their nipples) or a very, very enlarged and excited clitoris**. 
* NOTE - Due to this artist’s prolific and high quality works that span across a variety of subjects, they have several entries in this erotic art project.  Because their name is unknown, I have created the #AnonymousCzech hashtag below for anyone searching the archive for their other works. 
** NOTE - Technic and biologically speaking, a penis is an enlarged clitoris, however, in intersex people with no testicles / scrotum who also possess a vagina, the organ is often referred to as an enlarged clitoris rather than a penis.  That said, in most of those cases, the organ resembles more of a small penis rather than the very sizeable one depicted in this piece.

WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE: “Big Beautiful Women”


  1. funny and sexy at the same time!
    sympa et sexy en même temps!


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