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Femboy in the woodshed --- by Shadowjack

Danny, the femboy, is the principle character of Shadowjack's universe. Here, Danny is trapped in a woodshed with two shady types. Enjoy:

Every time the heavy leather belt struck his naked ass-cheeks, Danny yelped and jerked helplessly, involuntarily thrusting his hips violently forward.  Directly in front of him, at about mid-thigh level, there was an electric fan, the blades of which had been replaced by six-inch pieces of leather bootlace.  The laces whirled so fast they were invisible, but every time the belt drove Danny’s hips forward, his hard cock was thrust into them, whipping and stinging the tender flesh.  He’d yelp or squeal in pain and pull his tortured penis back out of the spinning laces as quickly as he could, which only thrust his ass out behind him, offering a perfect target for the next stroke of the belt.
Caught between the brutal blows of the belt and the stinging lashes of the bootlaces, Danny helplessly thrust his hips forward and back, forward and back, forward and back, yelping and wailing. Tears ran down his cheeks, the stinging, maddening pain driving him into a frenzy, yet he couldn’t stop the thrusting of his hips.  And his cock, seemingly with a mind of its own, remained throbbingly hard as the torture continued.
Danny was only dimly aware of the imposing figure of Jake, standing in front of him, sipping on a beer and smiling in amusement as he watched.  Last round it had been Zeke standing there watching, while Jake had wielded the belt. The two of them were taking turns swinging the heavy, doubled-over belt back and forth, strapping his ass from the right, then the left, then the right again, beating him in a steady, metronome-like rhythm.
Danny shrieked and squealed as only an effeminate femboy could, his cries loud inside the small, crude woodshed.  But they were miles from anywhere, the shed, and Jake and Zeke’s house, surrounded by nothing but woods, and no one could hear his suffering but Jake and Zeke.  They loved making Danny scream.  The more he wailed and cried, the better they liked it.
They had been keeping this particular punishment going for forty minutes, by the clock on the wall, which was the longest they’d ever done it before.  But they’d been punishing Danny all afternoon.  They’d done all their favorite tortures today, starting right away when he’d shown up at noon.
First they’d stripped him down to his stockings, throwing his femmy girl-clothes contemptuously onto the floor.  They’d slapped his erection repeatedly, sneering with derision and ridiculing him for being so excited.  They’d bent him over and thrust their lubed fingers into his tight little asshole again and again, trying to make him admit that he liked it, even though they knew he could never say it out loud.  They’d forced a big, smooth butt-plug into him, and left it there while they tied his hands and put on his collar.  Then they’d taken him for a “walk,” dragging him on a leash through all the brush and brambles they could find.  Returning to the woodshed, they’d tied him securely to a rack they’d made for the purpose, using yards and yards of rope, his legs well-spread.
Maintaining their usual attitude of contempt for Danny and his feminine ways, they’d settled in for some intimate, sexual punishments.  They’d tormented his helpless cock and balls for over an hour, casually drinking beer and laughing every time they got a shriek out of the femboy.  They’d used ice cubes until his penis had begun to shrink, then tied it up tight with twine and teased it back up to a painful hardness. They’d slid long, slender model-paint-brush handles into his defenseless pee-hole, going so deep that the brushes nearly disappeared, then yanking them out and laughing at the way the pre-cum oozed from the hole in greater quantity each time.  They’d held a toilet-brush, the kind with a ring-shaped wire full of sharp, stiff white bristles, against the tip of his cock, then thrust a rubber dildo into his ass harder and harder until he pushed his own cock in and out of the painful ring of bristles.  They’d slapped and tickled and teased his cock endlessly, keeping it always at various stages of hardness, keeping Danny always aroused and then ridiculing him for it.

These little torments had gone on and on, punishments that were intended to humiliate Danny and draw agonized squeals of pain from him, yet never leave any lasting damage.  It was only after they were no longer getting sufficiently satisfying cries from the captive femboy that Jake and Zeke had progressed to their current activity, using the belt and the fan with the leather laces, their favorite torture.
At last the beating stopped, Zeke panting with exertion behind Danny.  Jake turned off the fan and moved it aside.  Danny was left panting and whimpering, his ass-cheeks burning like fire, his cock stinging from the laces, but still hard nevertheless.  Jake fetched fresh beers for himself and Zeke, then plopped into a chair next to Danny.

Danny looked down at his poor, tortured erection

“Look at you, ya fuckin’ faggy-ass girly-boy,” he said with the usual contempt.  “Still hard after all that.  Yer cock still beggin’ for attention.  I can’t believe how pathetic you are.”
Danny looked down at his poor, tortured erection, the tender skin covered with bright pink marks from the spinning leather laces. For the thousandth time, Danny asked himself why, why, why did he keep coming back here?  Why did he need this?
Every Saturday afternoon he found himself at Jake and Zeke’s woodshed, and every time he came, they did things like this to him. First they’d make contemptuous, insulting remarks about his feminine clothing and his effeminate mannerisms. Then they’d pull him into the shed and strip off his clothes, leaving him naked and vulnerable between them. They’d ridicule him for having a hard-on from being forcibly stripped, and then they’d make him even harder by slapping his bare butt or yanking him around by his dick.  Finally they’d tie him up with rope, and he’d spend the rest of the afternoon tied up, helpless, being subjected to any sort of indignity they cared to perpetrate on him.
They were mean, hateful men.  They didn’t care about him, they just liked humiliating and torturing him because he was a femboy.  They thought he was some unnatural, pathetic pervert, a mere parody of a man.  They’d abuse him for hours, indulging whatever sadistic whim struck their fancy, and after they’d had their fun with him, they’d bend him over and fuck him brutally with their huge cocks before they finally let him go.
That part was always a constant; no matter what else they did to him, they always fucked him at the end.  They always did it as roughly and painfully as they could, too, using their cocks as weapons.  They pretended the only reason they were fucking him was to punish him for not being a proper man, for being a skinny, whiny, girlish femboy.
And Danny kept coming back for more.  He couldn’t have explained it, but after being abused and raped that first Saturday, he found himself there again a week later, dressed even more girly than the week before.  After that, Jake and Zeke had known his darkest secret, the secret he hadn’t even been able to admit to himself: the fact that he craved their abuse. Somehow, deep down in his psyche, Danny needed to be treated the way they treated him.  They never let him forget it, either, and reminded him constantly while they tormented him.

Inversely, Danny knew their secret, too

Inversely, Danny knew their secret, too: They loved using and abusing him.  They pretended the brutal fucking at the end was just their way of punishing him for being what he was, but after spending the afternoon playing with him and humiliating him, they were both so hard and horny that they needed to pound his femboy ass as badly as he needed the pounding.  But Danny would never mention this.  It might ruin everything.
Finally, Jake reached out with a handful of lube, and began to stroke Danny’s drooping cock.  After being teased and tormented all afternoon, Danny couldn’t help responding. Jake’s hand sliding along his tortured shaft like that was heaven!  He groaned and thrust his hips forward, offering himself to Jake’s mercy, or lack thereof.  Jake chuckled derisively, but he kept stroking Danny’s poor, tortured cock, and it throbbed and swelled in response.  In less than a minute, it was fully hard and pulsing, nearly quivering with excitement. Danny could feel the beginnings of an orgasm starting to build, and he allowed himself to hope that, maybe this time, they would actually let him cum!  He was getting so close…
But then Jake stopped stroking him, and laughed at the femboy’s pathetic whimper of disappointment.  Danny’s hips continued to thrust futilely at the air for several more seconds before he could regain control.  Jake was so amused by this that he started stroking him again after a minute. In spite of himself, Danny shuddered in grateful pleasure, and his hips started humping again.  Jake took him even closer to cumming this time, but stopped well before he’d reached the point of no return.  This was a game he’d played often with Danny, teasing him and then denying him, and he had gotten good at it.
Jake chuckled, shaking his head in disgust. He took another pull from his beer. “You are so fucking pathetic,” he growled.  “Maybe I should call ol’ Demon in here again, and let ‘im have another go at you.”
Two weeks before, Jake and Zeke had slathered Danny’s cock and balls with butter, and then brought in Demon, their slobbery pit-bull mix mongrel.  The dog had gone to town, enthusiastically licking every inch of Danny’s buttery genitals, until it had slurped up even the faintest vestige of flavor.  It had been both humiliating and terrifying for Danny, and he’d begged and yelped and jerked around wildly as the dog licked away at his helpless cock and balls.  Nevertheless, his cock had responded to the relentless slurping.  It was one of the few times he’d actually been allowed to cum, and Jake and Zeke had laughed uproariously at him for a long time.
Again Jake reached out and stroked Danny’s desperate cock. And again he stopped before Danny could cum.  It took the femboy even longer to regain control this time.  Behind him, Danny could hear the jingle of a buckle, the zip of a zipper.  He began to tremble.
“Ol’ Demon sure did like you,” said Jake, reaching over to stroke Danny’s helpless erection once more.  “We should let ‘im get to know you better.  Maybe we should let ‘im fuck you next time.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you girly bitch?”
Again Jake stopped just short of letting Danny cum. The femboy’s trembling increased as he heard Zeke’s boots step up onto the platform behind him.  Part of him wanted to turn and look, to catch a glimpse of Zeke’s massive cock before it plowed into him, but another part didn’t want to look at it.  The sheer size of the thing was too frightening.
Zeke’s big hands wrapped around Danny’s slim hips and yanked him backwards, forcing him to thrust his ass out as far behind him as his ropes would allow.  His cock quivered and bounced, hard and ready, but now forgotten as Jake sat back to watch Zeke fuck the little blonde femboy.  Holding his breath, his eyes clenched shut now, Danny felt the big blunt head of Zeke’s cock bump against his ass, clumsily homing in on the tiny pink pucker of his anus.  Zeke used his hand to guide the rock-hard bludgeon, zeroing in on the little dimple, and when he had it, he began to push.  Hard.
Danny screamed as the immense cock surged up into his body.  As always, Zeke drove it all the way home on the first thrust, maximizing the pain he knew his cock caused.  Once he was buried to the hilt in Danny’s ass, he paused, enjoying the way the femboy’s agonized spasms squeezed his cock.  Panting, basking in the tight, moist heat and letting the spasmodic clenching milk his brutally thick shaft, he waited until the spasms subsided.
“This is what you get, you disgusting little girly-boy,” he growled.  “I’m gonna fuck you so hard your dick is gonna pop off.”
With that, he proceeded to fuck Danny.  Just as he’d promised, he fucked the femboy as hard as he could, each stroke slamming home deep in his guts, his strong hands pulling Danny’s hips into the thrust.  Danny wailed and cried in real pain, but deep inside him, his churning emotions embraced the agony, and his femboy body began to work its magic, gradually turning some of the pain into pleasure.  He was mindless now, incapable of thought, but his submissive instincts were taking over, and the pounding of Zeke’s cock deep inside him gave him what he’d been needing.
Danny’s desperate cries began to change slightly, becoming less sharp and longer, but no less primal.  His voice warbled with each jolting thrust, and though the tears continued to roll down his cheeks, Danny was no longer suffering.
Zeke pounded his pert, round ass long and hard, slamming into him with all his strength, believing that he was punishing him for being such a disgusting sissy.  The loud slapping of skin on skin a steady percussion to the long, warbling cries issuing steadily from the abused femboy.  Zeke chimed in at the end with his own deep groans of pleasure as his hot semen flooded Danny’s slick bowels.
Then it was Jake’s turn.  Jake’s cock, once it was fully hard, was nearly as big as Zeke’s. Once it was inside him, it felt every bit as big to Danny, and he squealed uncontrollably as it charged into his rectum. After the first salvo of slamming thrusts, Jake changed his angle, stepping forward and straightening the helpless femboy’s body more toward the vertical.  Now each thrust started low and drove upward, the power of each stroke lifting Danny off his feet.  Jake was trying to make the fucking hurt more, to maintain the quality of screams that he liked, to make sure that Danny was being properly punished.  But while the femboy’s cries became louder and deeper, he was beyond pain.
Jake hammered away, tossing the femboy’s slender body around, but the more brutal he became, the more it aroused Danny. Finally Jake began pounding down the home stretch, his orgasm only moments away, and that was when Danny came. Untouched, his tortured cock began to pulse wildly, and then jets of white, creamy semen shot into the air. Danny squealed helplessly as he came, but Jake didn’t even notice as he, too began to cum, roaring out his pleasure like a lion.
Afterward, the men untied Danny.  As always, they didn’t want to look at him after they’d come in his ass, and they said little as they left the shed and headed for the house. The femboy sat for a few minutes, recovering.  Finally he rose shakily to his feet, and started looking around for his clothes. Alone in the woodshed, naked, streaked, welted, well-used and filled with semen, Danny smiled.