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New in the gallery --- Giovanni Colacicchi (1900-1992)

"Le dortoir des garçons", Giovanni Colacicchi (1900-1992)

(From the artist's (Italian) Wikipedia entry, in Google translation:)

Scion of a noble family, Colacicchi spent most of his childhood between Rome and Florence, until the conclusion of his higher studies, then settling definitively in Florence. In 1919 he began his artistic career as a painter as a pupil of Francesco Franchetti. He was among the founders of the cultural magazines Rivista di Firenze (in 1924 together with Giorgio de Chirico and Alberto Savinio) and Solaria. In 1924 he married Amalia Zanotti, then moved with her to Calabria. In 1930 he set up his first solo exhibition, in the Saletta Fantini gallery in Florence. When his marriage floundered, he traveled to Paris and spent time in South Africa. After WW2 he became interested in the theory of art, forming discussion groups with intellectuals and artists of the period such as Onofrio Martinelli. His reputation started to grow in the mid-seventies, when figurative art came back into fashion.

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  1. his website:
    http://www.giovannicolacicchi.com/biography/ (E)
    http://www.800artstudio.com/en-paintings-for-sale/artists-on-catalogue/giovanni-colacicchi/ (E)


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