Tommy Poppers Festival (6) --- What's wrong with a cheeky, fucking stopover?

Tommy Poppers (Mr. E.) has appeared numerous times on LustSpiel, and here we have a retrospective of his work: this is Part VI, which appeared first on our pages on August 18, 2015

(Artwork by Ben Kimora)

Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country; which would be fine, if you weren't a dirty old queen on a 24 hour stopover desperate to get laid.

Recently the government has had a clamp down on gay venues and sites.

(*sad face*)

Even the shitty Gay dating site, 'Planet Romeo' (which I loathe) is not accessible on many internet browsers; however, hackers have already come up with an alternative IP address that gets around this ( The really shocking thing is that officials have insisted that all bath houses and saunas are not permitted to stock condoms or display safe sex posters. Apparently this might promote homosexual activity. I suppose the logic is that men might be tempted to have sex if they are all sitting around naked in a hot sweaty room looking at prophylactics.

Malaysia, like many multicultural societies, finds it quite difficult to negotiate acceptable moral compromises. Compared to other Islamic states, parts of Malaysia are incredibly progressive in this respect, perhaps this is due to the influence of the Chinese and Indians? Whatever it is, Malaysian people in KL appear to be quite tolerant towards LGBT folk. Perhaps this is due to the large Buddhist and Hindu populations? I don't know.
That being said, gay people are certainly not celebrated here, and they are considered in many ways to be quite shameful.

So what does this mean to the average gay on the street?

Well, from my brief stopovers in KL, on my way back to London, it would appear that a disapproving society is great news for illicit cruising in public places. Nothing makes you want to suck a cock more than knowing it's illegal.

Maybe it's just me, but there's something quite turned on about this town, it's on heat.

I remember my first visit to KL. On the swift KLIA express into town I got eyed up by a Malay muscle boy who suggested a gym sauna club that would be good. The Indian guy who checked me into my hotel offered to pop up later with a beer, and then I got cruised by a guy in the convenience store, who followed me back to my hotel, helped carry my bag (like I was some kind of colonial memsahib), and then - well, nothing illegal.

(*cheeky wink*)

So that was a brief breakdown of my first ever hour in Kuala Lumpur. I've had a lot of fun returning to Malaysia since, and exploring all the hospitality; trust me, there are some lovely diversions for any slutty queen on a stopover.

The area around Bukit Bintang monorail station, right in the center of town, is where most gay men congregate. Handy, as this is also the tourist center with some AMAZING street food on offer, and some very cute cruisy guys hanging around.

I went to the gym recommended by my rugged, muscle friend and what can I say? I have been to many male clubs in Asia, and this was by far the friendliest. 'Day Thermos' sauna used to be great. Many people were smiling and happy to talk in English... Within 10 minutes I had been pulled by a really cute guy called Kit; he was a passionate, frenzy of a man who even took the time for a private massage (note - you might want to consider taking your own condoms and lube, just in case).

Naturally we never had sex, because people don't have sex in Malaysia - that would be illegal. Oral sex and sodomy are not permitted for straight people or gay people; it's like the 50's. Everyone is supposed to get by on heavy petting, and we all know how that turns out... Back street abortions and STD's galore.

However, since my first visit, 'Day Thermos' sauna has been raided by the police and is now a strict no fun zone. It's vaguely reminiscent of a school changing room i.e. loads of stolen glances and awkward pick ups. But it does seem that out in the street people are cruising more feverishly than ever.

The moral of this story?

Well, if you make something illegal, perhaps you end up making it much more sleazy and fun?

(*happy face*)


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