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Tommy Poppers Festival (9) --- "I love gay people."

Tommy Poppers (Mr. E.) has appeared numerous times on LustSpiel, and here we have a retrospective of his work: this is Part IX, which appeared first on our pages on Dec. 07, 2015

Here's an actual conversation I had in a posh coffee shop in Ekamai this morning with a couple of large English ladies:

FAT LAZY IMMIGRANT 1: "...I won't get a Thai ever again, they never work properly and they eat all the time/ it's just..."
FAT LAZY IMMIGRANT 2: "/Oh I know! They're terrible. The Cambodians are just the same, and you have to watch all your valuables. The number of times I've had things go missing/ is beyond..."
FAT LAZY IMMIGRANT 1: "/ I had one from the Philippines and he was great with the kids/ he sang and..."
FAT LAZY IMMIGRANT 1: "/Oh yes you can get male ones now, he was gay of course, he taught Charlotte how to sing. He was terrible with the horses, so we had to keep him inside and away from Robert/ but other than that.."
FAT LAZY IMMIGRANT 2: "I love gay people, but I'm not sure I'd like to leave one alone with the children, because, well, you know..."
FAT LAZY IMMIGRANT 1: "Oh no they're fine they're/ just like..."
ME: "Excuse me, sorry ladies, are we talking about appliances?"
FAT LAZY IMMIGRANT 1: " HAHAAHAH OH GOD NO! HAHAH, No, no, no. We're talking about maids! HAHAHAH!"
ME: "How stupid of me, of course, sorry for the confusion..."

I really don't know what is more terrifying for the people of the middle east; the certainty of impending destruction from the might of the combined western military industrial complex; or the knowledge that if your children survive the onslaught, they may one day end up working for these idiots teaching Charlotte how to sing and Robert how to ride horses.


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