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Erotic art history --- Ancient Greece

 (From the pages of Erotic Art History)

Today’s piece of historic erotic art comes to us from ancient Greece. In this scene, a fully nude male figure is on a bed or table while his bearded partner on the left penetrates him anally. The man on the left is standing with one hand on his partner’s shoulder while the other grips his partner’s forearm behind his back. The man on the right’s arm is behind him as he grips his own ass, seemingly to further spread his cheeks apart to assist in penetration. With one leg on the bed with the rest of him for support, the man on the right hooks his other leg behind his standing partner, seemingly for the purpose of pulling him closer and deeper inside of him. With his remaining hand, the man on the right resolves his apparent dilemma of wanting to be double penetrated but only having one partner by aiming a dildo towards his mouth, an arm’s thrust away from completing his experience.


WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE: “Homosexuality in Ancient Greece”



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