We've recently discovered -- Antonio Teixeira

Antonio Teixeira

Antônio Teixeira (Marco Antônio Teixeira Donini) was born in 1959 in Guarantiguetá in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. He has lived and worked in the capital since graduating in 1978 from Brac Cubas University of Mogi das Cruzes as a professional architect. His free design artwork has always been present in parallel with the daily technical project drawings on his drawing board. These drawings, mostly on paper, and paintings in various techniques and media generated a collection of their own. They served as the basis for the current digital production, often using the old drawings as sketches for the new processes of finishing and chromatic aberration in Photoshop. This revision of the collection influenced the resumption of new freehand drawings on paper. Although the themes are particularly focused on some eroticism (homo-eroticism in the later ones), the prominent subject matter in most of the artwork are the complex dialogue between human beings and the solitude questioning of the artist in the inherent act of drawing. Images reblogged with many thanks to the artist’s site: http://antonio-teixeira.tumblr.com