Erotic art history (17) --- China, late 19th century

 (From the pages of Erotic Art History)

Today’s piece of historic erotic art comes to us from late 19th century China. In this bisexual orgy, a group of six nude men and one lady wearing a breast binding join together in a very happy act of group sex to form a love train.
Going from right to left, the first four men are lined up facing to the left, each with his dick in the ass of the person in front of him. The man at the end of the train is turning behind him to smilingly regard several unengaged miniature figures, the person in front of him is licking the foot of the lady two people in front of him whose ass he is also clutching, and the man in front of him is penetrating said lady with his arms wrapped around her back to also help support her as she is straddling him with her legs off the ground and wrapped around him.
The smiling lady has her arm wrapped around the man in front of her’s neck in a manner that is either causing him discomfort or enthusiasm, depending on how you read his expression. Meanwhile, the man behind her is leaning far back against a table with his pelvis arched forward, ready to slide his erect cock up her ass, and meanwhile, behind and beneath him, a man lays on the floor under the table reaching up to touch the arching man’s arms and supporting his back with his feet. It is unclear if he is ultimately meant to penetrate the ass of the man who is arching back over him, or if he is just excited by the view.