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New in the gallery -- Roy Tamer

Roy Tamer

Roy Tamer is the son of an accomplished armature painter who taught his son to paint from the age of four. Tamer left formal education at the age of fourteen, his family feeling that he was being restrained by the machine of State Education. Roy started painting professionally at the age of sixteen and has never looked back. Roy's work is beautifully crafted, classic, reflective and often allegorical in content. He is the Young Rembrandt of "Classical Gay Art". Roy is set to cause a sensation in the "Gay Art Market" with his wonderful "Classic Artist Painter" approach to his chosen Muse, that of the magnificent masculine beauty of the Male Nude. No mere painter of" Beefcake Porn" or flippant purveyor of what is currently hip. His work is for the refined and knowledgeable collector, his paintings are original and in every sense "True Works of Art"


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