Erotic art history (20) -- Indo-Persian region 18th-19th century

 (From the pages of Erotic Art History)

Today’s piece of historic erotic art comes to us from the Indo-Persian region, and though undated, based on art previously posted my best guess is that it is from the 18th or 19th century. In this scene, two men wearing turbans who are finely clothed but with the fronts of their robes open, engage in frottage while sitting on a lavish rug.
Both men are sitting upright with their legs open and knees up, parted to either side, with one hand behind them for support while each appears to be holding an orate chalice aloft. Both men gaze deeply into the other’s eyes as the man on the left presses his dick against his partner’s belly while the man on the right rubs his cock against his partner’s inner thigh.


WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE: “LGBT Topics and Hinduism”


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