Erotic art history (21) -- Greece, ca. 480 BC

 (From the pages of Erotic Art History)

Today’s piece of erotic art history comes to us from approximately 480 BC Greece and is from a kylix (a shallow wine cup / saucer frequently decorated with titillating scenes that become visible as the wine is sipped). In this scene, a scene a man is penetrating his male partner’s ass. Both men are fully nude and the man being penetrated appears to be younger than his bearded partner as he braces himself against a piece of furniture to support his body weight as he bends forward at a right angle. His partner, meanwhile, grips him under his armpits (appearing to potentially be trying to help support his body weight) as he, too, bends forward hunching over him as he penetrates him from behind.

(This piece is currently on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.)



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