Erotic art history (21) -- Mayan cutlture, ca. 700 AD

 (From the pages of Erotic Art History)

Today’s piece of historic erotic art is a detailed line drawing cave painting from Naj Tunich, a very significant Mayan site in Guatemala and is estimated to be from 700AD. The image depicts two aroused and fully nude men embracing with one wrapping his arms around his partner’s torso while the other holds his partner with one hand on his back and the other holding the side and back of his head. The hard cock of the man on the left points forward with the head pressing against his partner while the other’s penis is obscured from view, suggesting that their cocks are parallel to each other and that they are engaging in a mutual act of frottage.

In re-researching this image as I transfer all 550ish of these images and notes over to Tumblr, I can no longer find the source that estimated the image was from 700 AD. In reading the Wikipedia entry on the cave site, it was in use from 100 BCE through 900 AD, so while the estimated date is still plausible, but I can no longer site my source.




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