Erotic art history (23) -- Persia, 18th century

 (From the pages of Erotic Art History)

Today’s piece of historic erotic art comes to us from 18th century Persia (modern day Iran) and, despite actually being from the Qajar period are drawn in the older Safavid style to give the piece a more antique feel back when it was still new. In this scene, two men have sex in a Camphor grove.

Both men are relatively clothed, fully from the waist up and with their flowing clothing either opened or partially removed from the waist down (depending upon how the garment functions). The man on the right is standing and bent over at the waist with his knees slightly bent and rests an arm against a tree for support while his partner takes him from behind. The man on the left looks down to regard his partner as he places a hand on each of his partner’s hips as he penetrates him anally.


NĂ©ret, Gilles. Homo Art. Cologne: Taschen, 2004. Print.


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