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Gengroh Tagame

(From his Wikipedia entry:)

Born into a family descended from samurai,[4] Tagame began his career as a manga artist in 1982 while studying graphic design at Tama Art University (多摩美術大学). On a trip to Europe, he discovered the American hardcore S&M gay magazine Drummer featuring drawings by Bill Ward, who made a strong impression on his art.[5] He began publishing erotica under the pen name Gengoroh Tagame in 1986, and since 1994 he has lived off the profits of his art and writings.[1] Tagame's works have been published in several Japanese gay magazines, including Sabu,[1] G-men and SM-Z.[2]
His works contain "virile males, or youths, and their apprenticeship of physical and mental submission".[1] Notable works include Jujitsu Kyoshi at B Product; Emono, Shirogane no Hana (3 vol.) and Pride (3 vol.) at G-Project.[1] Pride focuses on a masculine power top who is discovered by his even more masculine professor to harbor masochistic tendencies, and trains him to be submissive through harsh domination. Naburi mono, ("Laughing stock") serialised in G-Men in 1994, is about a yakuza strongman who falls in love with a wrestler he has been ordered to kidnap, ending with their ritualistic suicide together.[6]
Tagame is additionally noted as an archivist of gay Japanese erotica, and has edited a two volume artbook series about the history of gay erotic art in Japan from the 1950s to the present, 日本のゲイ・エロティック・アート (Nihon no gei, erotikku āto, Gay Erotic Art in Japan).[1][7][8]
In the mid-2010s, Tagame began creating all-ages manga in addition to his erotic works. His first all-ages work was Otouto no Otto (弟の夫 My Brother's Husband), serialized in Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine in Japan and published in English by Pantheon Books.[9] The series received universal acclaim, and has been awarded excellence awards at the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2015,[10] and the Japan Cartoonists Association Award in 2018.[11] In March 2018, Monthly Action began serialization of Bokura No Shikisai (僕らの色彩 Our Colors), Tagame's second all-ages manga.[12]

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