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New in the gallery -- José Pedro Godoy

"The boys" (2013), José Pedro Godoy

(From the artist's home page:)

José Pedro Godoy , a Chilean artist born in Santiago de Chile in 1985, studied Visual Art at the Pontificia Universidad Católica, where he developed and perfected his interest in the human form.
Ten years into his career, Godoy is now one of the most promising young artists in Chile. His work is a grand exploration of the pictorial discourse through spectacular pieces that envelop and enthral the spectator with their size, detail and color.
His painting has a classic aesthetic with allegorical, realistic themes that incorporate contemporary elements inspired by a Baroque sensibility and references to camp and popular culture as well as homoerotic aspects.
The male nude, the landscape in its most savage guise, the history of art, and the idealization of the human figure are all preoccupations with which the young Chilean artist seduces audiences and the art scene, drawing interest from gallery owners and collectors in Chile and overseas His art now features in both public and private collections in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Denmark and the United States.

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