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Gotta keep the physical plant in shape -- Cocksearch 2009 Jan 22...later that day

Ten years ago, an attorney at law, based in Chicago, decided to document one year of his itinerant sex life on a blog dedicated to his project, Cocksearch 2009. LustSpiel reposts his findings man by man, date by date. Enjoy the writing, which ranks among the best in contemporary erotic literature.

Had to run to the gym by the time I made it home. Did a little upper body weight stuff. Gotta keep the physical plant in shape in this business. Not at my usual club, and the steamroom's a pretty happenin' spot.
Repaired to the sauna with a 6'1'" 185ish dude who's got a gorgeous bod, but a not so hot face. Licked his nipples, jacked his cock, nuzzled his neck. Very sensual guy, responded like a cat. He popped after a few minutes. Nothing special, kind of a dripper, and no especially great quantity. A forgettable load, but a tasty bod.
Time's getting short, place is about to close. Stepped into the steamroom and scored almost immediately with a guy who'd been in there just a few minutes before, while I was next door in the sauna with Mr. Not-So-Special-Load. Time being short, I sat down next to him, down the bench - even though I had plenty of options not so close. I was promptly rewarded with some under the towel fidgeting, and he hauled it out in no time flat. Sweet 30ish, athletic bod, olive-skinned South American - I think I picked up somewhere a hint he's Argentine.
His cock's a solidly average 6, but uncut with a velvety smooth foreskin and a pronounced bend to the left. Springy-hard. Sweet. Neatly trimmed, but not shaved pubes. He didn't want the blo I offered, but said he wanted to jerk. He reached for me, and I for him. He stood and pushed it toward me, which was almost too much to bear without going down on him. As I jerked him, and he breathed harder, I sank to my knees. When he came, thanks to his own efforts, he shot his load on my chest. Thank you, thank you. Enjoyed that.

Place was closing and I got out of there promptly, still without having cum.



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