I hadn't cum for a reason -- Cocksearch 2009 -- Jan 22...that night

Ten years ago, an anonymous attorney at law from Chicago decided to document one year of his itinerant sex life on a blog dedicated to his project, Cocksearch 2009. LustSpiel reposts his findings man by man, date by date. Enjoy the writing, which ranks easily among the best in contemporary erotic literature.

There's a guy who beat my ass once

I hadn't cum for a reason. There's a guy who beat my ass once, you see. Left me black and blue on my butt, after a three hour session of him edging in my mouth. Seriously, made me suck him off and on, always very slowly while ticking his saliva-slicked balls, for three hours. Once or twice he popped a squirt at me, making me consume every drop, which I treated like gold. We alternated between my carefully ministered oral attention with periods of him beating my ass with a hairbrush, while holding me in great suspense about what he'd do next. And he'd pin me to the bed, and sort of tickle me under my arms, but too slowly for it to be tickling - and all the time he'd stare dead straight into my eyes, betraying no emotion. That and making me watch a video of a really serious cat-o-nine-tails whipping.
Only after the longest cock-sucking session of my life did he actually pop his full load. And then had me stay on him at least another half-hour, when (actually, I'm not totally clear on this) he may have popped another shot.

Overall, one of the top sexual experiences of my life.

But dude lives 1700 miles away. I've only ever had him once. We email, though. And he's ordered me to make him a video of me beating my own ass. And I will comply, because I know he's going to be back in town sometime and my ass is so his when he gets here.
I've done this once before. This time, I've got an 18" steel ruler. I'm going to beat one side of my ass with it good and hard. Or, at least as hard as I can on my own, which is less hard than one would expect. I'm also, on his prior instructions, to jerk off and eat my cum. Yes, Sir. It always makes me a little ill to eat my own, but I'll do it for him.
The twist is I'm going to do this live, online. He's not watching, I'm recording it for him. So I drum up an audience on cam4.com, and by the time I've promised to "beat my own ass and eat my own load", there are about 30 guys (OK, I'm assuming there were not women watching) were online to witness me give my ass 25 whacks with a long, solid ruler. I did it, as I promised, with one whack for good measure.
Pumped a HUGE load into my hand - remember, I'd been messing around without cumming all day. Actually filled my hand. Took three slurps to down it. Disgusting. But I'd promised. And the guy who beats me, he wanted it.
The online crowd enjoyed my show, if the comments were to be believed. Surely the first time I've ever cum in front of 30 guys, much less beating my ass or downing my load.

Completely drained. Completely, that orgasm drained me.


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