"You want me naked, man?" -- Cocksearch 2009 -- Jan 10

Ten years ago, an (anonymous) attorney at law, based in the Midwest, decided to document one year of his itinerant sex life on a blog dedicated to his project, Cocksearch 2009. LustSpiel reposts his findings man by man, date by date, although we are a bit late with the first couple of posts. Enjoy the writing, which ranks easily among the best in contemporary erotic literature.

Extremely horny.

So I got on Craigslist. Found: British Visitor. Sounds good. He wants me to suck him off, with a rubber. Sure, why not? Looks like a nice cock from the dark and fuzzy picture. Of course, when I got over to his hotel, I found out why the picture looked dark. He is of Indian extraction. No matter, he's a nice looking guy. Maybe 5'10, 185 lbs and 30 y.o.a. Glasses, nice wavy dark hair. Wearing his B-School sweatshirt and jeans. Jeans with a pronounced lump in them. Very pronounced.
I reached for it, as he said: "there may be another guy coming." No matter, I wanted to a taste of the sausage I had in my hand. I started struggling with his zipper. "You want me naked, man?" I asked. "Yeah." He actually sounded enthusiastic about it, though he didn't touch my cock. And I was hard, and I'm big - fairly irresistible, in my experience.
He pressed for the rubber. Darn. Hoped he'd get carried away. We got him wrapped up, and I started to work on his fat cock. A serious (non-Internet inches) 7, and fat. Fat from root to tip, and uncut. Stood up with an outward curve. Stood straight up. Impressive. Pronounced bend to my right. This piece of meat is heaven.
"Knock, knock." Damn, the other guy's there. He's 30ish, blond, tanned, Polish. Cute, but kinda distant. Can't decide if he considers himself gay, but I'm thinking not. He stips down and sucks the Indian guy a little. Then the Indian guy wants me back, leaving the Polish guy to wank. Which he does. To a very quick completion. I just stayed on the Indian guy. The Polish guy cheers us to a solid finish. A solid finish solidly contained in Trojan's best. Damn, what a waste.

Meanwhile, I haven't gotten off.

When I get home, Craigslist has paid off again. Hotel again, stone's throw from here. I establish contact, and at about 11:00, I head over. Big burly Irish guy. 6'3" and 240. But in solid working man shape (i.e., not a manicured gym bod). He calls himself Str8 in his ad, and wants a BJ. Excellent. In his darkened hotel room, I get down to work. Tiny cock, but it fits my throat to a T. I enjoy that just fine compared with a huge cock.
We work around to him sucking me as well. Oooops, not so Str8 after all? Gotcha! He's a too-vigorous, swallow only the first inch cocksucker. And he wants to 69 after a while. He winds up on top, me working him hard, and he's beating my meat mercilessly, but artlessly. He cums, big sharp tasting load. He stays in my mouth while I finish. I'm beating off with a cock, and a boatload of cum in my mouth. This is great.
I cum hard, and spray a healthy load all over my chest. Dude's impressed by my shooting. He must not be a distance shooter himself.

There's no small talk, and I'm beat. School night.


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