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Give him a jump --- A short story by anonymous.a

Sooner or later, if you drive often enough, you will climb into your car one morning, put the fob near the ignition, press the button and …
… nothing.
You try it again. Nothing. Then again. Maybe the battery in the fob has gone dead. The car still won’t start. You stare into the distance, your brain frozen with indecision. What the hell? You start to think: Maybe it’s not the fob. Maybe it’s the car battery. You turn on the headlights. They spring to life, then quickly fade to yellow and die altogether.
It’s the car battery, the freaking car battery.
So now what do you do?
That depends on where you are. If you’re parked in your driveway you start calling friends to give you a jump. Except they all work during the day, and can’t take an hour off to help you with your car. You knock on your neighbors’ doors but they’re not home either.
Shit, shit, shit.

In your next life, buy a tow truck

It’s looking like a tow truck is your last option. That’ll be a hundred bucks. What a racket. In your next life, buy a tow truck and work banker’s hours. You’ll be rich before you know it.
I’ve found myself in that position and I’m sure it’ll happen again, which is why I added a set of jumper cables to the box of car repair tools I keep in the trunk. You never know when some poor stranded motorist will need a jump, and besides: I like the karma I get from helping others.
In fact just the other day those jumper cables paid dividends in a big, big way. I’m still grinning over the memories. In fact, if I try hard enough I can still taste them.
I had friends visiting and we met for dinner at this out-of-the way place in a quiet part of town. I usually don’t drink alcohol when I go out because I don’t want to take risks, but these friends insisted, so I had a beer with my meal. Problem is, one beer usually leads to two beers, then three. I was able to get out of there before that happened, but my taste buds had been activated, and they wanted more beer. So I stopped at a convenience store to pick up a six-pack.
The minute I got out of the car I was approached by a kid. I was instantly suspicious because this convenience store is a notorious hangout for homeless guys wanting to bum money for alcohol and cigarettes. I don’t mind helping people when they’re down on their luck, but these guys made the streets their lifestyle and I had little sympathy for them.
My suspicions were unwarranted because as the kid got closer, I could see he was wearing a vest with the store’s logo on it. He worked here.
“Excuse me sir, I hate to bother you,” he began, “but I wondered if you could help me out. I need a jump.”

"I wondered if you could help me out?"

Funny he chose that word. I would love to have “jumped” him because he was a luscious guy, about 5-11 or 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, a nice tan, with brownish-blonde flyaway hair. He looked like a young River Phoenix, down to the cute button of a nose. He didn’t have much of an ass, at least what I could tell through his baggy jeans, but the slight bulge in his crotch suggested he was packing more than minimal equipment on the front side of things.

He was a luscious guy

Oh God. I must have been staring. I shook my head to snap out of it, then stammered to recover. “Um, yeah. Sure. Where are you parked?”
He nodded in the direction of the side of the building. “Around back. The manager won’t let employees park up front.”
I told him I’d head that way and he hurried off down the sidewalk. I checked him out as he walked away and saw that my earlier appraisal of his ass had been mostly correct, although now that he was moving you could see those skinny glutes pressing against the fabric of his jeans. I enjoyed a momentary mental image of my face pressed into his ass crack, my tongue lapping against his hot hole, the hole itself pulsing as it opened and closed, awaiting the entry of a finger … or something else. I felt a building pressure in my groin and let out a pent-up sigh. The kid didn’t look underage but he was surely too young for me. Even if he weren’t, the odds favored he was into girls. I tried to tamp down my imagination and get the car started.
There was a narrow dirt track that led to an open area behind the store, and sure enough, beneath an oak tree rested an aging Pontiac with the hood up, the kid standing next to it. He was fanning the battery and I wondered why he was doing that, until I remembered sometimes batteries give off fumes that can ignite if there’s a spark. More than one person has been injured by an exploding car battery. Thanks, kid.
I pulled up next to the Pontiac and popped the hood on my Toyota. I left the engine running while I untangled the jumper cables from the box of tools in the trunk. I had to read the instructions again to make sure I made the connections in the proper sequence – I can never remember which way it goes. Is it negative to negative and positive to ground, or the other way around? Anyway, I got the clamps hooked up to the battery terminals – averting my eyes in case the battery decided to blow up anyway – and told the kid to start his car.
He got into the Pontiac and turned the key. The starter turned over grudgingly and then the engine roared to life. He let out a small whoop of pleasure and beat his hand against the steering wheel.
I went to the door of his car and yelled, “Let it run a few minutes before you try to drive it. Might charge up the battery a bit.”
He nodded and started saying something, but I couldn’t hear. He saw that and patted the passenger seat, so I went around and got into the car, closing the door. There. It was much quieter now.
“I really appreciate this. I’ve needed a new battery for awhile, but they’re so damned expensive, you know?” he said, shaking his head. “I guess it’s unavoidable now. I’ll have to head down to Wal-Mart or AutoZone. Maybe I can get out of there with my ass intact.”
I nodded. The question was, would he get out of this car with his ass intact. Because if I had anything to do with it he wouldn’t. The more I saw of him the more attractive he became. I found myself wanting to take his hand into mine, slip my fingers between his and insert each one into my mouth, slowly sucking on them until he relaxed to the point I could reach behind his head and gently pull his lips to mine, kissing and caressing and running my hand through his hair as I made the sounds one makes when they’re aroused beyond their ability to control themselves.

Would he get out with his ass intact?

“Is there something I can do to repay you?” I suddenly heard him say. He was looking at me with a strange expression, as if once again he had caught me staring and didn’t know why.
Was there? Of course there was. But dared I say the words?
“That depends,” I answered cautiously. “How old are you?”
He looked very confused and more than a little suspicious. “Eighteen. But what does that have to do with anything?”
Well, it had everything to do with everything if I were to ask my next question, which I finally mustered the courage to open my mouth and speak the words: “You could repay me by letting me go down on you. How about that?”
A shocked silence settled over the Pontiac’s interior. All I could hear was the engine idling. The kid stared out the windshield at nothing in particular, his mouth hanging slightly open, his bangs covering his eyebrows. My God he was beautiful. I hoped he wouldn’t say no. I wanted desperately to see what kind of cock was attached to that perfect face and body.
He cleared his throat. In that velvety voice he said, “I appreciate your help me but I don’t know if I’m that grateful.”

"I appreciate your help, but I don't know if I'm that grateful."

“It’s just a blowjob,” I said, maybe a little too quickly. “It’s not like we’re getting married.”
His face wrinkled into an unhappy expression. “Yeah, but you’re a guy and all. I mean, I have a girlfriend. I like the ladies.”
“That’s fine. You wouldn’t be doing it for yourself. You’d be doing it for me, just like I’m jump-starting your battery for you.”

"It's just a blow job."

He frowned and sort of rocked his head from side to side, as if acknowledging an uncomfortable truth, and I could see the ice cracking. I could see it. His resolve was crumbling and he was going to do it. He was really going to do it. My mouth started watering at the anticipation of having that teen rod down my throat.
I heard him whisper, “Jesus Christ” as he unsnapped his jeans and pulled them down, along with his plaid boxers. His dick flopped out and it was a work of art, a slim, long tube of smooth flesh nestled in a bush of wiry brown pubes, a pair of balls the size of ping-pong balls scrunched below and to either side.

He was really going to do it

“Just do it and get it over with,” he said in a low voice. “My girlfriend is gonna kill me.”
“She’ll never know,” I said as I scooted over to the far left side of the passenger seat and leaned over the center console.
“Oh, she’ll know,” he said. “She’s a woman, and women always know.”
“Nah,” I assured him, then leaned in and took that delicious wand of flesh into my mouth.
The taste was fleshy and not-quite pungent. You could tell it had been awhile since he’d had it out to pee because it was sticky with a layer of sweat mixed with hormonal funk. His bush smelled the same way as I sucked his cock down my throat and buried my nose in his pubic hair, drawing from him a small gasp of surprise and what I hoped was pleasure. I let his cock stay there a moment, then pulled back, using my tongue to massage it along the way, then pushed back down again.
His hand involuntarily found the back of my head and he began to push. They always do that. Even the super reluctant guys. It’s as if once the blowjob commences, all thoughts of being converted to a homosexual retreat as instinct surges and the response to pleasure takes over, driven by the need to empty those balls. And that’s what kid did – pushed the back of my head so that his cock sank deeper into my sucking mouth. I inhaled deeply from his pubes, drawing in his scent and letting it add to the flavor of his flesh. I felt his cock growing stiffer and longer.
I pulled off his dick long enough to lap at his balls. His scrotum was covered with hair, as were his thighs. I ran my hands through it, feeling the bristly resistance and hearing the rustle as I rubbed his sticky inner legs and returned my attention to his dick.
I attacked the head, which was no wider than the shaft, and lapped up a drop of dew that had formed at the tip. It was sticky and coated my tongue with a gooey layer of male essence that I quickly spread to his shaft as I once again sank down on his cock, all the way to his balls.
He had both hands on the back of my head and had started thrusting his crotch into my face. Smalls cries of “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” slipped past his lips as he tried to remain as quiet as possible. Nobody could see us back here, but you never knew when somebody might show up.
I let him fuck my face as I sucked as much as I could. He was tensing and I knew he was not long from erupting in my mouth. I had no intention of letting a drop of his precious fluid escape, and he didn’t offer any kind of warning, nor did he hesitate.

He tried to remain quiet

He simply raised his ass off the seat and pulled my face into his crotch and blasted a giant, raging shot of 18-year-old sperm down my throat. That opened the floodgates, followed by two or three large spewings of cum that threatened to spill out of my mouth. I swallowed frantically and could taste his late teen essence as it slid down my throat and into my stomach. It was a sharp flavoring that reminded me of locker rooms and sweaty underwear and that sexy, superheated odor that fills a room when your cock has successfully performed its mission of pouring out your balls. I buried his still-twitching cock in my throat as he continued to shoot wads of cum into me. If he had buried his cock in a pussy and released that load, a bundle of surprise and happiness would be waiting for him nine months from then. As it stood, I was surprised and happy enough for both of us.
I sucked him dry, making sure there was no trace of sperm on his cock head or shaft, and then I licked the sweat off his balls. The inside of the car smelled like a whorehouse, and the temperature had gone up so much the windshield was starting to fog.
I pulled off him, gave his cock a final kiss, then sat up and wiped my lips. But I couldn’t wipe away the grin on my face.
“That was fucking intense,” he said, stuffing his unit back into his boxers as he pulled up his jeans. His hair hung down over his eyes and he looked so gorgeous I could barely resist the urge to lean in for a kiss. The suck-off would have to suffice.
We got out of the car. I disconnected the jumper cables and put them away as he dropped the hood on the Pontiac and latched it. I did the same on my Toyota. He paused a moment, looking sheepish and embarrassed, then shook my hand.
“Well, thank you again, for the jump,” he said.
“Which one?” I winked as I got into my car.
When he replied I had already closed the door, so he mouthed the word, “Both.”
I could feel the karma rolling my way. I swear I can still taste it.

Anonymous.a writes erotic stories and has them published on various platforms, including Amazon, where his latest collection of short stories, “Mischief in the Men’s Room”, is now available.

You can reach him at: clover2209@yahoo.com


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