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MWM Seeking to warm up with someone -- Cocksearch 2009 -- Feb 4

Ten years ago, an anonymous attorney at law from Chicago decided to document one year of his itinerant sex life on a blog dedicated to his project, Cocksearch 2009. LustSpiel reposts his findings man by man, date by date. Enjoy the writing, which ranks easily among the best in contemporary erotic literature.

I'd been talking to Tater on yahoo for a couple weeks. I saved his ad:

MWM Seeking to warm up with someone - m4m - 37 (Downtown)
MWM looking to find someone to help continue my MM education. I have enjoyed is a couple
of times and want some more.
Me: 6'2", 210, 7" cut and thick. Very clean and expect same. Like oral and j/o, never analed but
would be a top if we go there. 

Who's ready to come over and get warm?

I emailed back with a pic, and he started rousing me on IM everytime I went online. In conversation, I learned he liked to watch himself cum, that he wouldn't mind sucking some cock himself, but wouldn't dream of having someone cum in his mouth. Sent me a pic of himself, little heavyset, balding, standing on a dock. Big solid straight guy. It all fit. I was hooked.

I'm not always ready to take a 15 minute walk in 15°F weather

I toyed with him a bit, mostly because we're in the depths of a cold winter, and I'm not always ready to take a 15 minute walk in 15 degree weather. But one night, I got motivated to go meet him sometime in the afternoon. I hopped on yahoo as soon as I got home, and sure enough, Tater hopped online. And as always he was nudge, nudge, nudging me to come over. This time I said sure.
I met him in the lobby of his building;, he told the doorman to let me in. He was dressed in basketball shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Just like his pic: built like a brick shithouse, every one of the promised 210 lbs. in place. Not handsome, not fancy - but still a solid specimen of a man. He had told me online he really wanted me to pull my dick out in the elevator. I had consciously started myself into a turgid state on my way over, so I was ready for him. I whipped it out promptly in the elevator, while nonchalantly asking "do they have cams in these elevators?"
"I dunno," he replied with a grin, stroking my cock roughly. Yeah, he's got the straight guy touch - where they take the term "beat your meat" seriously. The apartment's virtually empty - just standard issue cheap furniture supplied by the landlord. It's got corporate apartment written all over it.
He immediately proposes we get in the shower. Won't turn you down on that, Tater. He's already good and hard. Short, but very fat cock. I successfully fight back the urge to tell him "lose 30 lbs. and gain an inch," but he's a definite candidate. Nice cock, especially at one inch longer. In the shower, he's all about getting his hands on my junk. I take a short , wet slurp on his cock. He pushes me back after a few moments. Oh, yeah, he'd warned me: he's got a short fuse. I told him I get off on short fuses. (The love of my life still, at 48, is a blazingly fast cummer. But I didn't mention that. We're in 'curious' league here.)
He gets right down on his knees and starts blowing me. Yeah, we're totally ready to get curious, aren't we? And yeah, he sucks cock like a straight man, confirming my assessment. Bobs his head up and down at maximum possible speed on the first inch or so of my cock. This is not good head, but the warm water's nice. Not wanting a lot more of his well-intentioned abuse, I stand him up and propose we get out of the shower. He doesn't want to. OK.
He moves quickly to soap up my ass, and start fingering me. He's really fascinated with my asshole, but a bit rough. He gets about an inch of finger in and starts rough fingering. I'm wanking him. To spare my ass, I pulled off him, maneuvered him around and started dry-humping his crack (well, no, soapy wet-humping), and he was eating it up. OK, we're a big old bottom waiting to happen, aren't we? Except for the wife and kids, of course.
I propose getting out of the shower again. Nope, he likes it. OK. He gets down and starts abusing my cock with his mouth, and my ass with his soapy index finger. This is actually not bad . . . . But he doesn't want me to shoot in his mouth, and I don't get off easy in BJs anyway. I let him go a while and then told him it was my turn. You're a quick cummer? Good, that puts me in charge.
I got on my knees, and gave him my slowest and best. He popped off in under a minute. Big, sharp, tangy load. If this stuff were cheese, it'd be a good ripe brie. Nice. I'd threatened in our IMs to make him taste his own. But he pulled back when I went in to do it. OK, that's fine, boy. If we do this again, I'm gonna make you take it. And make you admit later you wanted to.
Since we're still in the shower, it's easy to spit out the load. And that was it. Out of the shower, dry off. We talked about ourselves as I got dressed. I was right, corporate apartment. And yeah, wife & kids in the Southwest. He spends Thursday through Sunday nights at home. And is practicing to be a bottom the rest of the week.

He's fun. I think I'll see if he wants to go another round sometime.


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