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Blood before wine -- "Pleasure yourself" -- a flash by J.P. Kenwood

Blood Before Wine is a new book by our friend J.P. Kenwood, the third in her DOMINUS series, and he're a succulent teaser:

“Pleasure yourself.”
“Pull your pipe. Squeeze your sausage. Masturbate, my dear Allerix.”
After a moment’s hesitation, a much shorter moment than Gaius had expected, the lad stroked his soft cock. Slowly. With twitchy, dithering motions.
“Forget I’m watching, and enjoy,” Gaius reassured him. “Don’t be bashful. Relish your touch.”
Allerix squeezed his closed eyes tighter, biting his lower lip as he stroked faster. Gaius sipped his wine, smiling when Alle’s lips parted and his dark, young prick hardened against his abdomen. A drop of translucent juice smeared across Alle’s alabaster skin. Gone was the lad’s tan from a summer working under the Campanian sun. Gaius studied Alle’s torso and his long, lightly muscled arms, increasingly certain that he preferred Alle’s body like this—moon pale like white marble. By bountiful Aphrodite, Allerix fucking glowed, an ethereal vision against a backdrop of animal pelts and colorful bedcovers.

“You are fucking sublime.”
Gaius lifted the lid on the carved box filled with straw and his playtime surprise. When he jammed a silver cup into the pile to scoop up the treat, Allerix paused for a moment and scrunched his brow as if he recognized the sound but couldn’t quite place it.
“What was—?” Alle mumbled.
“Trust me, and focus on the splendid task in your sinister hand, Allerix.”
“Yes, sir.” With an incredulous chuckle, Alle soon relaxed and returned to stroking himself—faster and harder—until all his apprehension flew away. His back arched; he hips bucked off the mattress. Thrusting his rock hard cock in and out of his fist, Allerix’s moans turned into desperate groans. Glistening puddles of sweat collected in the dips of his chest and stomach.
The lad was a fucking god carved from ivory.
Gaius set the silver cup on the bedside table and climbed onto the mattress. Propping himself up against the wall, he draped his arm over Allerix’s shoulder and pulled him into a loose embrace. Allerix leaned back, resting his head on Gaius’s shoulder. Panting.
While lightly brushing his knuckles up and down Alle’s neck, Gaius murmured against his coal-black hair, “Keep your eyes closed, and don’t stop—or finish—until I give you permission.”
In the past, cฤƒลฃel would have recoiled in anger at those words; Allerix simply nodded, a slight smile tugging at his full, pursed lips. Kissing Alle’s temple, Gaius asked, “Do you enjoy the delicious agony of anticipation, Allerix?”
Squirming against Gaius’s gentle embrace, Alle licked his dry lips. “Yes.”
Humming his approval, Gaius whispered, “Rest your hand for a moment and open your eyes. I have a treat for us.”
After a long, rather annoyed exhale, Allerix released his grip and turned to see the cup in Gaius’s left hand.
“This vessel holds a luxury I’ve not had for some time.”
Alle leaned across Gaius’s chest and craned his neck to peer inside. With a grin, he jammed his pointer finger into the cup.
“Snow,” he whispered with near reverence. “But, how?”
Gently grasping Allerix by the wrist, Gaius lifted his hand and sucked off the frozen treat. “The ice harvesters drive cartloads of fresh snow in crates insulated with straw down from the mountains and store it underground. Not cheap, but it’s more affordable this time of year. An enjoyable but infrequent extravagance.”
“What do you do with it?”
“Eat it. Drink it.” Gaius snatched up some snow and pressed the cold flakes against the tip of Alle’s nose. “Fuck in it.”
“What?” Alle shook his head and laughed. “I don’t think you have enough snow for that, Dominus.”
“Not nearly enough to roll around in, sadly.” Gaius tipped his chin towards the serving table across the room. “But there’s plenty of snow in that box for a chilled glass of drink or two.” After handing Alle the silver cup half-filled with snow, Gaius looped a finger through the handle of a small bronze jug on the side table and poured deep golden-burgundy liquid into the cup. “This rare grape changes its nature when married with mountain snow. It turns from harsh and bitter to mellow and aromatic. Go on—give the nectar a taste.”
Alle swallowed a sip of the icy drink. “Sweet, but pleasant. And cold.”
Gaius took the cup from Alle’s hand and swallowed a gulp before setting it back down on the table. He pulled Allerix on top of him, wrapping his arms around his waist and stared up into the lad’s hooded, hazel eyes. “Did you enjoy our time at the circus, Alle?”
“Very much, sir. Did Aspasia like the races?”
“She relished your company,” Gaius mumbled against Allerix’s skin, tracing his tongue over the bump of his larynx. “Up!”
While Gaius kissed his way down Alle’s neck to his chest, Allerix pushed up on his hands and knees, to offer Gaius the underside of his body. Licking and nibbling Alle’s nipple hard before devouring the other, Gaius wriggled his arse down the fur-covered mattress towards the foot of the bed, brushing his lips across Alle’s stomach. Then he kissed the bony curves of Alle’s narrow hips and the sensitive skin of the hollows, tickling with his lips until Allerix chuckled through a gasp. After one light, long stroke of his tongue up the length of Alle’s aroused cock, Gaius rose up on one elbow and pushed Allerix onto his back. Unable to hide his smirk, Gaius reached for the cup of slushy wine.
Alle grabbed the bedframe with both hands, and Gaius couldn’t help but laugh. “You’ve guessed what I’m about to do, haven’t you?”
His knuckles pale and his eyes on fire, Allerix spread his thighs farther apart and confessed between heavy breaths, “Perhaps. You’re difficult to predict.”
“I try.” Gaius drank a swig, holding the ice-cold wine in his mouth for a moment or two until he finally swallowed. “Ah! Damn refreshing.”
His eyes wide open with anticipation, Alle barely had time to catch his breath when Gaius descended. In one long, ferocious suck, Gaius swallowed Allerix’s hard prick down his throat.
“Fuck!” Alle’s scream dissolved into a resigned groan. He tried to pull away but Gaius pressed the boy’s hips into the mattress and swallowed deeper. As Gaius’s hungry mouth grew warmer and warmer, Allerix’s resentful protests gave way to salacious moans. Alle’s prick throbbed against his tongue.
Alle grumbled incoherently when Gaius pulled his mouth off and held Alle’s rigid, glistening cock in his hand. Smiling a tiger’s grin, Gaius pumped Alle’s shaft and opened his mouth. Spurts of milky seed shot out, some landing in Gaius’s lips and tongue while others splattered over his face. Acting as if he’d be doused with ice water, Gaius licked his lips and snarled, “Delicious.”
Alle sat up, dazed and breathless. He stared at Gaius for a while before cradling Gaius’s face, his eyes wide and worshipping.
“By the bloody gods,” Alle whispered. “You’re mad.” He swiped a glob of semen off Gaius’s chin, and grabbed the edge of a rumpled bed cover to wipe away the rest of his ejaculation.
“But impossible to resist, yes?” Gaius dropped his silly grin and feigned a serious glare. “Oh, look there.”
“In your bubo eyes. I may be wrong, but I think you’re falling in love with this insane prick of a soldier.”
Alle laughed and collapsed back on to the bed, throwing one arm over his eyes. “You may be right, sir.”

When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a dusty old history tome, J.P. Kenwood relishes reading and writing plot-packed erotic m/m fiction with strong romantic elements sprinkled with humor and angst. Her alternate history series, Dominus, features an ensemble of memorable characters—masters and slaves, senators and soldiers, lawyers and freedmen, wives and whores—who live, laugh, and lust during the Golden Age of imperial Rome. Dominus is an m/m alternative history fantasy series set in ancient Rome during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (AD 98-117). What if Trajan had been the custodian of two boys instead of only one? What if Hadrian had been privy to secrets that could damage the political authority of his older and more successful fellow imperial ward, Gaius Fabius? What if a Roman general had fallen in love with his captive Dacian slave? Could a powerful Roman aristocrat of noble ancestry have been deliberately erased from history?


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