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Model & Art -- The Avignon boys (or girls) -- François Harray & Pablo Picasso

A little while ago, Lustspiel made some half-baked efforts with a series "model and art", where we showed examples of visual art based on photography. But then, yesterday, we hit upon the work of François Harray, who's doing model-and-art in a much more sophisticated way, and so, in the coming weeks, we will present examples from his work. Here's the first installment, with---who else---Pablo Picasso. Enjoy:

François Harray, The Boys of Avignon

Pablo Picasso, The Girls of Avignon (1907)

François Harray: Born in 1962 in Brussels, he is addressing gender questions via writing and photography. A former editor and director of the “Iced tea” collection at the Labor publishing house, he is also the author of several novels and short story anthologies. His project ArtHistoryPics views important works from art history through the mirror of contemporary photography.


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