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Occasionally he sends me something kinky -- Cocksearch 2009 -- May 21

Ten years ago, an attorney at law based in Chicago, decided to document one year of his itinerant sex life on a blog dedicated to his project, Cocksearch 2009. LustSpiel reposts his findings man by man, date by date. Enjoy the writing, which ranks easily among the best in contemporary erotic literature.

Ah, how do I handle this one? The man in question is one who, I know, pokes around extensively on the internet. And finds blogs like this one. Occasionally he sends me something kinky. He can't always bring himself to say this is what he would want to do next time we manage to get together. (Yes, he's a repeater.) So I've been highly reluctant to go into the highly distinctive details of our latest encounter.
That, and I like him personally. If both he and I weren't shacked up (he formally, with the blessing of the state and a gold band on his left hand and I informally), I wouldn't mind having him as a lover. He cute, he's kinky, he's highly responsive to stimuli . . . and thinking about him is giving me a hard-on right now.
On the other hand, I've pledged to you, my readers, to play out my sexual shennanigans for 2009. So I'm walking a fine line here, the line between informing my readers, and respecting my guy's privacy.
I'll start with some very basic background: he's married, with children. He's also probably more outwardly gay than I am - aside from the wedding ring, of course. He likes to get kinky, though not in a hard-core way. He's barrel-chested, hairy, and hung small. Cums easily.

We finally managed to arrange another encounter after many attempts that didn't work out. We drank a lot, and we got kinky, and while I was on top of him I just went for it: I stuck my tongue in his mouth, which he'd never explicitly resisted, but had also never had the nerve to seek himself. It was, though never discussed, a line both of us had respected since we met. And within moments, he came without even being touched. He just groaned a little something about how he was getting close, and I backed off but it was too late. After he'd spooged, he just lay back, the perfect picture of sexual contentment. I felt a stong temptation to snuggle up with him at that point, but I didn't. Like the kiss, it was a line that wasn't meant to be crossed. Not yet.

So that's the basics, missing many details I know you all would enjoy. I only wish I could give you more.


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