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Did you know? -- One boy's account of the gay porn business

A certain Trey reports:

“Most of the models are young straight guys who are desperate for money. They will get $1,900 for a solo and $5,000 for bottoming the first time. They will usually do a couple of shoots when they are flown out from around the United States for the weekend to the location of the production company in San Diego. If they are bottoming in both shoots they will get $10,000. This is a business that caters to older men.. It is all VERY staged, it’s a PERFORMANCE and we are paid to ACT, whether you want to believe it is up to you.

First we are given enemas in the bathroom to clean the s**t out of our a*s. There we will also have a butt plug inserted into us by a helpful production assistant and hang around on the set for a few hours (extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant.) This is meant to stretch and loosen up our assholes. We are then jacked up on Viagra and given strong numbing cream to rub on our a*s holes and inside of our asses.

Most of the time one of the older guys on the production team is assigned to “help” you out a little with this. The older guy is very businesslike with you and orders you to kneel on a bed in full view of the other people in the room. He orders you to bend over so the top of your head is flat on the bed. He then tells you to spread your a*s cheeks really wide with your hands and to keep looking at him through your legs. This is so he can have as much access to your recently cleaned and shaved hole as possible for the numbing cream. He wil think nothing of shovng you if you don’t don’t do it right.

He talks to you while everyone else is busy getting set up for the shoot. He does this to take your mind off of the others in the room. He calls you “son” a lot. You can see all that he is doing when you look through your legs back at him. Your dick gets in the way occasionally and the dude milks it a bit to get you in the mood. This takes about 15 minutes for the guy to spread the cream all around the target area and up inside you with his long thick finger and then two thick fingers and then three thick fingers. I think they chose him to help you because of his long thick fingers. After he shoves his fingers in enough he wipes it off so that it can’t be seen on camera. This all gets you ready to be fucked.

On occasion, though, you are instructed to go to the director’s office to meet a friend of the director or producer. After an introduction and a little conversation you are told to bend over the desk so the friend can help you. The friend gets to rub the numbing cream all around your a*s and inside too and there is nothing you can do about it. Some of these guys don’t even trim their nails. Occasionally these “friends” will pay a performer to come away for the weekend or have dinner. A guy can pick up an extra thousand or two a week like this and this opens the performer’s mind up to the possibility of the escort business.

When it actually comes time for penetration you can’t feel anything, I even had trouble knowing when the model on top was inside me. We are also told exactly what to do from the production team, which includes which noises to make, what face expressions to use and positions to be in. Even the “behind the scenes” are scripted.