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Gravity -- Fragment -- Priapus of Milet

We've been showcasing Priapus's work with much success; he has been dominating our charts (as many other charts) for years, and we felt the need for a Priatus-hiatus to cool things down. But we simply couldn't resist this work, which, like Schubert's Unvollendete, is as yet unfinished. Enjoy (hold on...anybody who's interested in this, please have a look at our comment at the end...):

(Priapus writes:)

This fragment is part of the Gravity project made possible by the support of many generous Patreon patrons. Have a look at my Index Page for a complete version of this and other series, new projects and the latest updates.

(Lustspiel writes:) 

 ...so, "Schubert's Unvollendete" is an unfinished symphony by Franz Schubert, and the link at the top points to its performance by the the symphony orchestra of the Hessische Rundfunk (a radio orchestra based in Frankfort), led by Christoph Eschenbach. Lustspiel witnessed Christoph Eschenbach for the first time in 1965, when he, and we, were very young. Christoph, then an up-and-coming German composer, led the Berlin Philharmonics, and when he appeared on the podium, his beauty and the full shock of blond hair made all the ladies (and quite a few lads) go haywire. And as the welcoming applause rose to unprecedented hights, his hair also seemed to grow, foreshadowing the historic exit of Britain from the European Union led by the hair of Boris Johnson.

This is roughly the perspective from which we experience Eschenbach in 1965


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