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Lustspiel festival (13) -- The White Stud

Cool, folks, we've reached the milestone of 2 million page views, and it's time for another self-serving, self-congratulating festival.  We're reposting 17 of our best, most significant posts from last year. Here's a creation by The White Stud, the mysterious sexologist with his own clinic in Harley Street, London. It appeared first on July 7, 2019. (By the way: the Stud's pictures are really trending; many now make it into our monthly hit-list; the background here is a famous painting by the American painter Paul Cadmus, titled "Finisterre" (a region in Britanny, France)).

(Background by Paul Cadmus)

The White Stud is a sexologist with his own clinic in Harley Street, London


  1. some other works of this great painter here: https://whitney.org/artists/210


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