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The transfer jock (3) -- by Jack Richards

"You've done this before, right?"

The narrator---a high school coach---finds himself in a tight spot with Jeff, one of his students. For more details, have a look at the previous episode here.


“You’ve done this before, right?” I asked Jeff softly as I pushed my cock into  his eighteen•year•old ass with more difficulty than I’d expected, certain that the senior tight•end would say he had. After all, part of his pitch to me had been that he wasn’t a virgin.
“Fuck no I haven’t,” Jeff replied, “not on the receiving end. But I have been wearing myself out with a big•ass dildo...getting ready for you, Coach.  “Jeff, you just told me you aren’t a virgin—” “I’m not, Coach, I’ve fucked some guys,” he interrupted me. “Uh...is it gonna fit?”
“Yeah, Jeff,” I assured him, “it’s gonna fit just fine.”
Entering Jeff had been, well, heaven. I pushed half•way in, withdrew some, shoved most of the way in, withdrew a little, went back deeper, all in stages, finally burying my hungry cock balls•deep in his gorgeous ass. 
With every thrust, he grunted and beat the shower wall with his hand, but he pushed back, fighting to gain half•inches on my cock as hard as he fought for yards on the football field. I was fucking a student for the first and, as it turned out, not for the last, time. Jeff grunted in approval, grinding his firm, muscular ass back onto me, hard.
Once we got started and found something like a rhythm, Jeff was pretty easy to fuck hard and fast, not too easy, more like a perfect fit for sliding right in and fucking full•bore in almost no time. Which was perfect for getting off fast...faster than even I, in the most compromising position imaginable, would have preferred. Thirty seconds into pounding stroke•and•counter•stroke, I knew I was going to blow my load embarrassingly early.
I hoped Jeff would see my pre•maturity as a positive thing, as an opportunity for him to get off inside me all the sooner. With both hands on his broad shoulders I thrust into him as hard and deep as I could. A couple, maybe three times, Jeff grunting in delight with each thrust. Then I paused, almost too late, to keep from nutting.
“Head’s up, sport,” I said, “this isn’t going to last...at all...”
“No worries, Coach,” Jeff replied. “No worries, that is, if you’re really going to fuck me again tonight in your bed.”
“No worries, then,” I advised.
“Say it, Coach,” he demanded, “say that you’re really going to fuck Meat again tonight in your bed.”
“I’m really going to fuck you again tonight in my bed,” I confirmed. I imagined riding him all night long, alternating with bouts of Jeff driving his big, thick, rock•hard, 18•year•old cock as deep inside me as he could. That, the intervals of this fucking stud pounding the fuck out of me was what I wanted most.
I began driving him home again, slowly at first and then faster, harder, deeper, each satisfying thrust punctuated by my new tight•end’s grunt of reciprocated satisfaction. I recall thinking that the last thirty seconds or so before I erupted inside my new tight•end had been the most gratifying thirty seconds of my entire coaching career, including winning the state championship the previous season. With my final heave I collapsed against him, shuddering, clinging to that boy as rope after rope of my cum flooded the condom buried in his ass.
The only thing that I needed to happen before I fucked Jeff again for as long (almost) as he liked, was to get him back to my empty house and his big dick buried in my ass, if even for only a couple of minutes.
“We need to get out of here now,” I told Jeff as soon as I could breathe and speak again.
“To your house?” Jeff asked warily, like he thought that once I’d gotten off I might renege on my promise.
“Fuck yeah to my house,” I snapped at him as I pinched off the rubber and slowly withdrew, “now get your fucking clothes on.” I think I was thinking then if I was going to prison for fucking a student, especially as hot a one as my new tight•end, I might as well fuck him as much as I could before the police broke down my doors and dragged me off of him.


Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.


  1. So erotic, I got off with Coach. Excited with anticipation for next chapter

    1. Happy that you guys like it; there will be 100 more episodes...always on Thursday morning (CET) ...

  2. JC, terrific presentation of these stories, for which I’m very grateful - JR


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