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The transfer jock (5) -- by Jack Richards

"Need something, coach?"


“I like it when you talk to me like that,” Jeff commented as he quickly rinsed his just•fucked ass. “Maybe you should punish me for being so disrespectful, Coach.”
“Maybe?” I barked, barely able to keep a straight face. “You’re in deep shit now, mister. Get your shit and get the fuck out of my locker room.”


As great as fucking my new hot•as•fuck tight•end had felt, I realized as I locked up my office that I wasn’t close to being satisfied. Sure, I had all night, or enough of it, with the kid to look forward to, but what I really wanted, and wanted right then, was his thick, rigid 18•year•old cock shoved all the way up my ass, repeatedly.
When I walked back into the locker room and saw that the hung hunk, who was just about to step into his boxers, was still fully erect, I knew I couldn’t wait for it any longer. “Need something, Coach?” Jeff asked with an impish grin. That might have been the moment when I first realized, or began to realize, that the aching need I felt for Jeff wasn’t just ordinary, white•hot lust.
“Yeah I do,” I said as I hurriedly peeled my clothes off again, “I need your lube and you flat on your back on that bench.” Jeff’s impish grin blossomed into an eager smile. “Yes sir,” he replied, tossing me the lube from his locker. “Condom, Coach?”
“Fuck that,” I said as Jeff lay back on the ch and I squirted some lube into my hand and applied it vigorously to his beautiful cock. Then I smeared the excess into my crack and stuck two lubed fingers into my asshole.
“We made a bad mistake earlier, Jeff,” I told him earnestly, grabbing his thick jock•meat to steady it as I lowered my ravenous ass down to swallow  it. “We did, Coach?” he asked.
“Yep, fucking in the shower, as good as it was,” I confirmed as Jeff’s big dick entered me. “The first time...I should have taken you in all your fucking glorious, dripping jock•sweat...” He thrust upwards as I pushed down, and he was fully engaged, then fully inside me, eight inches deep, filling me up like I’d never been filled up before.
“There’s always tomorrow, Coach,” Jeff said mischievously as I began to rapidly slam my ass up and down his greased pole, “for a sweaty fuck...or we can get sweaty fucking...”
“...Until then, Coach,” Jeff continued, as he fumbled in his gym bag on the floor beside him, “try this on.” He extracted his sweat•soaked jock•strap and handed it to me.
“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned as I buried my face in Jeff’s wet jock, inhaling the earthy, pungent scent of his ball•sweat, never interrupting my power•slide up and down his surging shaft. I was in total control of Jeff’s already•imminent orgasm and I knew it, relishing the thought of the coming injection of this stud’s - MY stud’s - hot cum eight inches up my ass.
Jeff’s growing wide•eyed expression let me know that he knew it, too - that I owned his cock - as I slammed repeatedly down onto his pubis, rising almost all the way up between each powerful downward plunge, my swollen cock flopping everywhere. By the time my sweat was dripping off me and mingling with his, which was not very long, he had already lasted longer inside me than I had in him in the shower a few minutes before, but I could tell he was nearing his limit.
“Co- Coach...” he croaked, “so...so...clo—” but by the time he’d gotten that much out, I could feel his cock swelling inside my rectum to stretch it even more just before he exploded. I rode him hard throughout his magnificently prolonged orgasm, and then I rode him some more as he yelled and moaned.
Only when my straining thighs couldn’t take the work•out anymore did I stop riding Jeff and collapse on top of him. Jeff wrapped me in his strong young arms and held me tight as we both panted heavily, our sweat running together.
“Oh my fucking god,” he said at last. “Not only have I never been fucked like that before, I never even imagined fucking could be that good.” With those words swelling both my pride and my cock, I climbed off of him and slurped his cum•dripping cock into my mouth as I massaged his sensitive nuts. “Oh fuck,” he moaned, writhing beneath me, “fuck, fuck, fuck...” I finally relented and stood up on trembling legs.
If the act of fucking alone could induce love, I thought, I might’ve just made a high school student fall in love. While that was a preposterous thought, it wasn’t quite as preposterous as it might sound. I knew that because what I was feeling for Jeff was stupidly, preposterously, dangerously close to love.


Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.


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