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Inner sanctum (2) -- Priapus of Milet

"He just wanted to see the inferior look in my eyes as I'd admire his monster"

At first when my mate agreed to wank off for fun I thought he might be a little gay-curious.
But soon enough I realised that, even though he was stoned and horny, he just wanted to see the inferior look in my eyes as I’d admire his monster.
I’ve always slightly exaggerated when I told him how some guys I fucked were in pain because of my “big dick”, but now there are no stories for my ego to hide behind.

Even though we didn’t said a word, I could hear his naughty smile thinking how I, as the subordinate, should know my place. Meaning, no more heroic sex-stories and respect for him as the biggest dick in the house.
He then took his phone and browsed for porn while I just watched him. When he came he shot his cum in his neck and over his shoulders into the sofa. He lifted his chin and closed his eyes to avoid getting it in his face, like it was routine for him.
He then got dressed again to go to the supermarket. I asked him to clean his cum in the sofa first before leaving and he answered : “I’ts just white on white, you won’t see it. There are way more cum stains you never noticed anyway 😆. Or clean it yourself, you’re the gay boy, I’m doing you this favor haha!”
I avoided eye contact for the rest of the day cause every time I looked at him, he popped up the same cheecky smile.

(Hat tip: mygayfriendlyroommate; art by Steven Stines)


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