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Hold the presses -- Sean Ford and Gus Van Sant

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We're terrible. We've been fans of Sean Ford since "un petit moment", and now we're received blazing news: a total icon of gay cinematography, Gus Van Sant ("My Own Private Idaho") has joined the club and published a book (or something) about Sean, the new icon of "adult cinema." (Haha.) (We're terrible.) (Drunk.) Anyhow, we've received an advance warning via Tumblr, with photography by Gus praising Sean (and himself):

There's a bit more photography on Tumblr, it's almost like the Mayflower is putting into harbor:

 But we had this clip waiting, and all this Mayflower stuff bolsters Sean's recasting on our "adult" site; enjoy:


  1. Fantastic! Sean is hot.

  2. It was love at first sight. He's such a beautiful young man, and his "acting" is so natural. I want to watch as he matures... hoping he doesn't go all gym body on me. Sean and Blake are always fun to watch


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