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The transfer jock (13) -- by Jack Richards

"Jeff, listen. I didn't say Dewey is queer."


Sometime during that exquisite fuck, closer to the end than the beginning, we changed positions so that I was thrusting hard and deep into him from behind, Jeff on his hands and knees howling like a well•fucked dog, my balls slapping time against his ass. As I felt the semen rising in my balls for the last time, the time that I wasn’t going to try any longer to delay the inevitable, I’d thought I would withdraw at the last moment and squirt my jizz all over Jeff’s sweaty, muscular back...but I miscalculated and, unable to recover, resigned myself to finishing strong, blowing my load deep inside him as I hammered away. Oh well...Jeff had never expected otherwise, so he wasn’t disappointed in me.


After what I’d hoped was a decent interval of sweaty post•fuck cuddling in Jeff’s arms, my head resting on his smooth chest, I asked him whether Landen or Dewey had been the better locker•room•fuck.
“What the fuck, Coach?” Jeff responded. “Dewey’s fucking gay? Holy fuck, what a smoking hot dude...I had no idea...”
“No, I mean, I don’t know,” I said, confused. “I just assumed Dewey was the other team•mate you fucked in my locker•room...No?”
“I fucking wish,” Jeff sighed. “I know I’m supposed to be color•blind and all that shit, but I’ve never gotten off with a black dude and that’s high on my ‘To Do’ list...fuck, to get off with Dewey would be fucking awesome. I didn’t even know he was queer...isn’t he banging a couple of cheerleaders?”
“Jeff, listen,” I said, “I didn’t say Dewey’s queer...I have no idea whether he’s fucking any cheerleaders or not...I was just guessing he was your other team•player locker•room score...”
“Well, for one thing, I never said the other dude I fucked in your locker•room was on the team,” Jeff replied, “but the more important thing is why would you have guessed I was fucking Dewey? Like if I’d thought Dewey was...was available...Landen would’ve had to take a fucking number...I mean, I’d have gotten around to fucking Landen, for sure...but... Dewey is fucking queer??”
“Dewey’s probably the straightest kid on the team,” I said with some disappointment over that thought, “probably banging the whole cheerleading squad, I mean, what do I know? I just figured Dewey was the other guy...because...because...”
“Because?” Jeff insisted. Fuck, but I’d stepped in it then, but good, and probably slandered a (possibly) straight kid on my team in the process. There was no way out of this mess but to slog on through to the other side.
“Because he’s the next guy on the team I’d fuck,” I admitted, “if I was going to fuck any other of my players, which I’m not. But, just looking, you know, he’s a fucking smoke•show. And because I thought...you fucking Dewey...wouldn’t have been that surprising to me...given how he looks at you, you know, in the locker•room.”
“Dewey checks ME out?” Jeff asked, sounding genuinely surprised, “and I fucking missed that?”
“Duh,” I said. “Nobody is looking at your dick with big fucking cow•eyes more often than Dewey...except for me.” Dewey was bound to be queer, right? That cock•starved look on his face, practically licking his oh•so•fuckable lips at the sight of Jeff’s big floppy flopping around the locker room...

“Dewey checks ME out?” Jeff asked, sounding genuinely surprised, “and I fucking missed that?”

“Dewey, huh? Seriously?” Jeff asked, incredulously. “And you fucking want him, Coach?”
“No, fuck no, I never said anything like that,” I insisted. But having zeroed in on Dewey as Jeff’s probable locker•room pin•cushion, yeah, I wanted him...IF he was queer, which he might be...and IF he’d been 18, which I knew for a fact he wasn’t.
“I’m kinda surprised at you, Coach,” Jeff said knowingly, “Because Dewey’s only 17. Me, though, I’d bone that dude...or grab my ankles for him...in a fucking flash.”
“What the fuck do I care if he’s only 17,” I shocked myself by saying, “I’m already going up the river for fucking life.” I wouldn’t fuck him if he was only 16, though. I did have some scruples after all. “Are you sure Dewey’s 17?”
“Positive,” Jeff said. “OK, here’s what I’m gonna do...I’m gonna hit on Dewey tomorrow...and if he doesn’t shut me down, I’ll bring him back here with me so the three of us can play together...but if I do that for you, Coach,  afterwards you’re definitely going to have to bone Landen, because there’s no way I can hook Dewey up with you and not do the same for Landen.  I mean, he’s still going to be fucking pissed that he’s not in the first heat. Anyway, Landen will just have to be satisfied to be included in the second heat. Deal?”
“No!” I exclaimed. “Fuck no. I’m not touching either one of them.”
“Aw, c’mon Coach,” Jeff said gently, “we both know that’s not true. Tell you what, I’ll hit on Dewey after morning practice, and if he bites as you seem to think he will—”
“I never said that at all,” I protested. “I just said he looks at your junk a lot.”
“Same difference, right?” Jeff asked. “But whatever, if Dewey’s wants my dick as much as you seem to think he does, I’ll bring him back here between practices and if you don’t want to fuck that stud, you can just watch me fucking him in the middle...no, you can just watch him drilling me in the middle of your living room floor. Are there any other dudes you want me to pick up for you? What do you think about Alex?”
“Alex?” I gulped. Alex was hot•as•fuck but straight as an arrow, had to be.  I was pretty sure that Alex, another senior, was 18. “Alex is queer, too?”
“I dunno, maybe he goes both ways,” Jeff said noncommittally, “or maybe he would go both ways, at least once, anyway. I just get some kind of vibe from him...I’ll feel him out, too. Anybody else you want, Coach?”
“No, goddammit,” I said in exasperation. “I just want to know who else you fucked in the locker•room.”
“Fuck, Coach, why didn’t you say so?” Jeff asked. “I told you I’d tell you anything you wanted to know. I’ll give you a hint...he’s not on the team but you know him well...and I doubt you’ve ever seen his dick because he doesn’t shower with us...which is a shame since the dude in question is quite surprisingly packing a huge piece of meat, I mean, he makes me feel downright inadequate.”
OK, as exasperated as I was by all of Jeff’s smack talk about Dewey, Landen and Alex (and, granted, I hadn’t exactly told Jeff NOT to procure Dewey (or Alex) for our mutual pleasure, nor had I said that I wouldn’t fuck  Landen if Jeff first delivered Dewey to me), I’ll admit I was more than intrigued by Jeff’s description of the second kid he’d fucked in my locker•room.
Someone I knew, but who wasn’t on the team? School hadn’t started yet so Jeff, who’d just transferred into the district, couldn’t know that many kids who weren’t on the team. And a kid with a huge cock, at that? A guy with a bigger dick than anyone on my team, including Jeff? And how had Jeff gotten into that kid’s pants anyway? Unless...unless..it wasn’t ‘a kid.
“One of the assistant coaches?” I asked. I’d fire the son•of•a•bitch as soon as I found out which one it was.


Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Art work by Hannes Steinert.


  1. Love the illustration for this continuing sexy drama. Who does them and can we see more?

    1. Hi Roberto: the illustration here is by Hannes Steinert (he's referred at the bottom of the post), a German artist and one of LustSpiel's favorites. The next installment, lemme see, will feature Phillip Swarbrick (name sounds Dutch).


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