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Indeed -- by Jakespot

We all knew Jimmy’s dad was a horny guy. He always talked about him cheating on his mom before she finally left him. I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose by asking him to show me some stuff and the next thing I know we are in his garage and he was pounding me raw. His cock moving my insides to take him and he kept saying ‘this what you wanted, huh.’
“Yes Mr Miller, fuck me please,” I moaned as he rammed into me.
“Fucking tight ass of yours is going to feel what it’s like to have a man use it,” he grunted as he held my hips and went faster.
“Show me!” I yelled out in pain and pleasure. “Fuck my hole Sir!”
“Mmm that’s it, give into your role. You’re a true bottom aren’t you. Can’t wait to get a man’s seed inside of you,” he said.
“Yes Sir, please give it to me!” I begged him for it.
I had completely lost my mind. I’d do or say anything for this man.

“Oh god! Here it comes!” He yeld, “gonna bread that fucking tight hole the way it was meant to be.”
He thrust into me a few more times then yelled out in pleasure. I knew he was cumming inside of me and I was excited and nervous on what this all meant now. He kept ramming his cock in me until he finally grabbed me and pulled me up into his arms he rested his fury face on my shoulder and then started to run my stomach.
“There ya go, it’s in there now for you just like you needed. Go back in the house and hang out with my son and dont tell him that you got his Dad’s seed in you. We don’t want him getting jealous do we.”
“Yes Sir,” I said as I pulled up my pants. “Can I kiss you,” I asked when I turned. His beautiful manly body standing in front of me, his cock still hard.
“Of course you can,” he smiled and leaned down to give me a nice wet kiss. He pulled away after a few seconds, “I’ll see you tomorrow won’t I?” He smiled.
“Yes Mr Miller,” I agreed.
College was going to be a great learning experience with guys like Mr Miller around I thought as I made my way back inside.

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