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New in the gallery -- Nicola Verlato

"Yeah, you can see it again," my buddy said as he unbottoned his jeans

“Yeah, you can see it again,” my buddy said as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it out. He wasn’t wearing underwear.
“Cool,” I smiled happy to see it again. “Can I?” I asked, he knew what I meant.
“Sure, go ahead.” He was already getting hard.
I knelt above him and he put his hands behind his head and watched as I took hold of it and started playing with it like it was a new toy he had just got and I wanted my turn.
“How many times do you jack off a day?” I asked as I continued to stroke him.
“I don’t know, like once or twice,” he said watching what I was doing.
“Yeah, same. Sometimes more if I’m feeling really horny.”
“Me too, like the other day I think I went four times. I just couldn’t stop,” he said as some pre leaked out at the end of his dick.

“I get like that too. The other day I was home alone and I did it all day it practically.”
“You should have called me, we could have made a day of it together,” he laughed.
“Hey, if you want. I don’t care, I mean you got me playing with yours,” I said as I looked him right in the eye.
“You wanted to, not me.” He smiled. “Not that I’m complaining,” he added.
I wanted to see what it was like sucking on it but I was really nervous. I didn’t want to freak him out that I was coming onto him or something.
“You ever get a blowjob?” He asked. Fuck, perfect question.
“Naw, just a handjob once. How about you?”
“Yeah, I few times. Jenna would give them to me last year before she broke up with me. It was great, I miss it,” he said as he thought about it. “Don’t miss her,” he added. “What a bitch.”
“Yeah, she was,” I said as I was still messing with his dick, enjoying myself. “Does it feel that good?”
“Fuck yeah, a nice warm mouth closed around your cock. Sucking on it, licking it. Damn it’s great, I wish I could get one right now.” He sat up to his elbows and looked down as I held onto him and shook it like it was a toy.
“What if…” I started and paused for a second.
“Sure, got ahead.” He smirked, happy about it.
I pulled his jeans down a little farther and moved my head over to the top of it. I could feel his warmth as I got closer to him. He smelled like soap and sweat and it added to the feeling of me wanting to do this.
I opened my mouth and put him against my tongue and closed. He took a huge breath and a sigh like he was relieved that he was getting this from me. His skin was soft and it tasted salty as I moved up and down it a few times. This was the first time I had ever done anything to someone, besides the handjob I had given him.
“Fuck, that’s it,” he almost whispered. “Suck my cock.”
I almost laughed, I wasn’t used to hearing that in real life. I decided to say ‘Mmm’ instead so he knew I was happy that he was letting me do this.
I felt clumsy as I moved my head up and down his shaft. Doing my best to make it feel good for him. I kept getting tastes of his precum as he kept leaking as I sucked on him.
“God! You’re not bad dude, focus on the head more though,” he instructed.
I sucked harder and bobbed up and down the tip of his cock as I used my hand to hold him.
“Jack me too, use your hand and keep doing that on the head,” he was telling me how he wanted it. “Fuck, suck me dude. Harder,” he was so assertive. “Oh yeah, perfect. Just like that. Fuck that’s going to make me cum,” he said.
I kept doing what he told me to do, stroking him off and sucking about halfway down before going back to the head. Over and over I kept that up, trying to get my buddy to nut.
“Oh shit!!” He yelled as I felt his cock pulse and it explode in my mouth.
“Fuck,” I said as I pulled off and it began to hit me in the face.
I wasn’t expecting him not to warn me and I wasn’t sure I wanted it in my mouth. I kept jacking him still. Even though I could taste him and now some had hit my chin I still wanted to see him unload. He was grunting and trusting upward as he made a huge mess all over himself. Bucking up into my hand as I kept jacking him until he was done.
“Fuck yeah,” he said as he collapsed backwards taking deep breaths.
“Was it good?” I asked, curious if I had done a good job.
“Very,” he was laying there eyes closed. I kept playing with his softening dick.
I started to want to taste more of him. It wasn’t so bad I thought. It was kind of hot that I got some in my mouth. I leaned over again and licked his skin, getting some on my tongue and then moving it around in my mouth. He had opened his eyes and was watching me as I tried to decide if I liked it or not.
I went down for more, this time I got a lot more of it. It was still warm and I’m pretty sure I did like it. I licked more of it up and then I just decided to clean it all off of him. I didn’t ask if I could, I was in my own little world as I found it all and used my tongue to get it off him.
“Like it?” My buddy chuckled as he watched.
I turned beat red and looked up at him. “Shit, I’m sorry.”
“It’s cool, don’t be sorry. I like someone who has good taste,” he laughed at himself again.
He grabbed his dick and squeezed a little out. “Here you go dude,” he said to me.
I lowered down and took his spent dick in my mouth again. I began to suck it again, tasting his cum in my mouth. I took it down to the base, I could now that it wasn’t hard. I used my lips to pull any cum left in him out. I felt as his dick got hard again in my mouth.
“Fuck dude, you want another load? This time just suck it right out of me,” he said as he ran his hand through my hair as if he was doing me a favor.
“Sure,” I said, not sure how I felt about all this yet but knew I wanted more of him.


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