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  1. That's a funny and quirky meme you've got in there, lol :D

    Also, the 1st one's an adorable twink while the 2nd one...

    I never really understood the nip thing some guys do. Just weird IMO and not needed, lmao

  2. Yes, HG, LustSpiel is with you...we don't understand it either, the nip thing...that's why we put up this gif...this is Dada, you see, it's supposed to be ununderstandable...

  3. I thought the same thing about nip play until one guy did it to me and I did it back and our cocks were pretty aroused. Like tugging on your balls while masturbating or fellatio, gets some off.

  4. One is never you old to learn. Thank you for your comment, Robert. HG, did you listen to this? Haha. Cheers.


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