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Raw confessions -- At the laundromat, this young guy approached me

I'm an older guy also. While at the laundromat washing my clothes one night, this young guy approached me when I went outside to have a smoke. He was there with a lady that I hadn't noticed. A couple, I thought. He asked me questions about myself. It was like hitting on me.

So when he asked what I did in this town for fun, I popped off and said maybe I like to go foe a beer and talk with a niche young man and that hopefully he lets me such his cock. That night after giving him my address he came over and I sucked him off twice before he left. It was his forst time for someone to swallow his load. He comes by almost once a week.
It was his mother he had been with and he's only fourteen years old. I'm a little worried too about his age but I enjoy sucking him too much to stop.