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The Transfer Jock (23) -- by Jack Richards

The Transfer Jock, #23
"You are the one I love...but I am going to have to punish you."


Mitchell’s here,” I said, stating the obvious. “What the fuck are we going to do first?”
Jeff laughed loudly. “Unless I miss my guess, Mitchell’s going to have some very definite ideas on that subject, and he’s not going to be shy about sharing them.”
“Whatever happens with Mitchell,” I said, reluctantly letting go of his swelling cock, “don’t forget you’re the one I love...but I AM going to have to punish you.”


Mitchell swept in like a small whirlwind and, as it turned out, he did have some very definite ideas about what ought to happen when and with whom, and he wasn’t at all shy about sharing them.
“So, it seems to me,” Mitchell continued, “that Coach and I kind of need to break the ice first, since the two of you have apparently already shattered all the fucking ice surrounding yourselves, and Jeff and I have already at least gotten our feet wet, although he and I do still have one major piece of unfinished business, which we’ll get to whenever. Naturally, Coach and I both need a chance for closer inspection of each other’s equipment - brief inspection only, no discharge of bodily fluids...yet. You know, that is if Jeff doesn’t object to a temporary suspension of the normal rule and ordinary good manners that no one ever gets left out of anything during a three•way. What do you say, bud? Five minutes tops? You can stroke your own big, fat cock for like five minutes, can’t you?”
“With pleasure,” Jeff said, laughing. “You are such a fucking bad•ass, Mitchell.” Turning to me, he added, “See, Coach, that’s exactly why of all the guys I know I chose this hot fucker to come play with us.”
“Couldn’t agree more with the great call you made,” I said. ‘Of all the guys Jeff knew on or affiliated with the team who he knew, when the invitation was issued, sucked cock and took it up the ass’  might have been a more accurate description of Jeff’s pool of available candidates - which consisted of only Mitchell and Landen. Based on research conducted after the invitation was issued, that list could be expanded to include Dewey, Alex and Sam. Still, Mitchell had eclipsed all of those guys in my eyes since early that morning, and not just because he’d let me hold his giant cock, which was a factor, but not as much of one as his sheer likability.
When Mitchell had come in a few minutes earlier, he’d greeted both of us  effusively, even high•fiving Jeff. He’d also apologized for being late, tactfully explaining that he’d been concerned, not that I might not have any, but that I might have run out of Magnum XXL condoms, and he’d had to make a couple of stops to find exactly what he was looking for. I was encouraged by the fact that he’d brought a dozen and not a three•pack.
“What the fuck? You guys are still dressed?” Mitchell asked, as if he’d suddenly just noticed that fact. Obviously he had figured out that he looked much better without his baggy shorts and T•shirt hiding his physical attributes, and he was already unceremoniously stripping naked, not waiting for us to join him.
“Fuck, dude, you’re fucking ripped,” Jeff said with evident surprise and pleasure. “And hung, too” I chimed in, and all three of us laughed. Mitchell wasn’t fully hard yet but he was well on the way, and he looked bigger to me than when I’d held his semi that morning. “And look at those fucking guns,” Jeff observed, “make a muscle, dude!” Mitchell obliged, flexing his biceps in an exaggerated classic ‘muscle•man’ pose, and we all had another good laugh.
While I’d never had reason to think about this before, it occurred to me then that just because Jeff had sucked and fucked this hot little fire•cracker a couple of times, that obviously didn’t mean that he’d ever seen him naked. If he didn’t know Michell was ripped, he’d certainly never seen Mitchell without a shirt on. I had a sudden insight into how their two hurried couplings must have gone down.
The first time Jeff had stood Mitchell up against the shower wall, but without the water running, both of them with their pants dropped to their ankles, and both of their shirts still on. The next night had been almost an exact replay, only Mitchell had been lying face•down in the back of Jeff’s dark Jeep, with Jeff on top of him.

 “Fuck!” they cried in unison

Apart from Jeff’s supposed patient entry into that tight little pink hole, which might have taken a fair amount of time and work, once Jeff was engaged he’d probably fucked that pink hole and gotten off pretty fast. It just made sense that a horny teenager fucking one of his buddies in the ass somewhere they could well get caught - and outed - would conclude his business as quickly as he possibly could. I know that’s the way my companions and I had conducted similar business at a comparable age.
Mitchell was watching closely when I pulled my shirt over my head, and then intervened, unsnapping and unzipping my shorts, and pulling my rising cock out of my jock before pulling shorts and jock to the floor. He gently pushed me into an over•stuffed arm•chair and knelt between my spread legs, circling the rim of my flared dick•head with his tongue before sucking the head into his mouth and swallowing most of my cock. After just a couple minutes of power•ball•sucking and rapid up•and•down on my cock, Mitchell looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said, “Hey Coach, Jeff told me pretty much nothing was off the table, blowjobs, rimming, fucking, all cool, but he didn’t mention kissing...and, Coach, kissing really helps me break the ice and feel connect—”
“C’mere to me, stud,” I said softly and pulled him up onto me, encircling that hot fucker with one arm and taking his massive cock with my free hand. I kissed him, gently at first, and then deeply, searchingly,  passionately, until Mitchell, who had responded hungrily, was satisfied, at least for the moment. While I was trying to reach Mitchell’s tonsils with my tongue, it dawned on me that Jeff had pursued this kid, jacked him off, sucked his gorgeous cock to completion, taken his cherry and fucked him again...but he’d almost certainly never kissed him, let alone sucked his firm, pert nipples, not like I was doing then, and that had been a mistake. Not one Sam had made, I’d wager, nor one I could really fault Jeff for given the hurried, furtive nature of their couplings - get on, get in, get off, get out - but it was a mistake I could easily remedy.
“Hey you, the guy whacking off on my couch,” I said to Jeff playfully, “get over here.” Jeff came right over, gorgeous, naked and hard. “Have you guys ever kissed? Like we were just kissing?”
“Not really, no,” Mitchell replied, “but Jeff kissed my neck and ears and stuff when we were, you know, fucking.”
“Jeff, stick your cock in my mouth, just to keep me occupied,” I suggested, while you show Mitchell what a great fucking kisser you are.” Jeff complied, filling my mouth with rock•hard 18•year•old cock, and filling Mitchell’s mouth with his tongue. The two of them kissed a long time, and I was pleased with myself that I’d helped make that small thing happen.
“Coach,” Jeff said at last, “if you don’t stop, I’m gonna nut.”
After he pulled his dick out of my mouth, I switched to Mitchell’s very hard, very large ginger cock, pleased to find it leaking sticky sweet pre•cum, and presumably the youngsters went back to exploring each other’s mouths. When it seemed to me they must have stopped, I disengaged from Mitchell and asked, “Do you guys want to swim or fuck next?”
“Fuck!” they cried in unison.


Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Bruno de Sprats