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The Transfer Jock (24) -- by Jack Richards

"Do you guys want to swim or fuck next?"


“Do you guys want to swim or fuck next?” I asked Jeff and Mitchell after it seemed like enough ice had been broken. “Fuck!” they cried in unison.

“I’ll consider any reasonable alternate plans,” I said, “but I’m thinking that Mitchell, you’re going to pound the fuck out of me while I’m pounding the fuck out of Jeff who, unfortunately for him, is already quite overdue an orgasm today, but he’s being punished, and not in the way he likes. Have either of you ever sandwich•fucked like that before?” When both of them said no, I continued, “OK, here’s the best way, in my experience, for that to go down. Jeff and I’ll start first, hands and knees on the floor, and Mitchell, you let me get all the way into Jeff, balls•deep, before you enter me, gently, please, and with a shit•load of lube.”
“Got it, Coach,” confirmed Mitchell, the 17•year•old (🤞) whose face looked like that of an angelic 15•year•old (if there even were such a thing as an angelic 15•year•old) and whose cock looked like that of an in•demand porn star.
“I’ll tell you when,” I continued, “then you push all the way in. Mitchell, you’re in charge, you establish the rhythm you want, I’ll follow and match that rhythm…oh, and if you want to lube me while I’m getting into Jeff, I love a finger up my ass while I’m fucking. Then we’ll swap positions, and repeat. Cool?”
“Very cool,” my boys replied.
No sooner than I had gripped Jeff’s thick, hard cock from behind and began to push the head of my cock into his lubed hole, I felt Mitchell’s slender greased finger snaking into mine. I shivered in anticipation of his massive cock filling me more full than I’d ever been filled before. I could hardly wait for that fucker to get inside me and start hammering away. First, of course, I had to push all the way into Jeff. As eager as I was for Phase 2 to begin, though, I took the time to torment my favorite tight•end by parking my cock about three inches deep in his rectum. I just stopped and waited for Jeff’s cock•hunger to get the better of him.
“Aw, fuck, Coach,” Jeff objected, “not again!” I didn’t intend to ‘torture’ Jeff as long as I had the night before, just long enough to remind him how much he really wanted my cock all the way up his ass. Within 30 seconds Jeff was squirming, beating on the floor and trying damned hard to push his ass backwards onto my unyielding cock. By then Mitchell had graduated to two fingers. “Please…Coach…just fuck me…” I relented, withdrew slightly and pushed in hard another couple of inches as Jeff moaned gratefully. Another in•out•in and I was all the way in.
“Hey Mitchell, show•time,” I advised.
“How’s that tight•end’s tight•end feel, Coach?” Mitchell asked.
“Like home sweet home,” I replied, laughing, “and not as tight as you’d expect.”
When I felt latex pressing pointedly against my asshole, I said loudly, “Whoa!” Mitchell paused, and I asked him, “Mitchell, didn’t you tell me you’d used a condom every time you fucked a guy and vice•versa?”
“Yes sir, Coach,” he replied.
“Then you can bareback if you want, it’s twice as good.” He didn’t need to be told twice, and as soon as he’d re•lubed I felt his warm flesh•and•blood pushing through my sphincter, while on my other end Jeff’s rectum was involuntarily clenching and releasing my throbbing cock. I needed to make sure my young studs each had a turn in the coveted middle•man position. “Hey Mitchell, if you’ll hold off on nutting until after me, I’ll swap with Jeff, you finish in him and he finishes in me…next time, you can have the middle if you want it…right in front of me.” “Yes sir, Coach,” he replied happily as he drove his big cock about four inches into me. The next four inches weren’t quite as easy, but having eight inches of Mitchell in my rectum felt about like having Jeff inside me. The rest of him, maybe a couple more inches of the thickest part of his cock was the hardest part to take, but it hurt only in a good way.
“You OK, Coach?” he asked when I grunted loudly in response to his last thrust.
“Fucking perfect, stud,” I said, “and not to tell you how to fuck me, but I’d be in heaven if you’d withdraw almost all the way and drive back in real deep a few times…you know, long, deep strokes…oh fuck yeah…just like that…” With the fourth or fifth such withdrawal, I pulled most of the way out of Jeff, driving back in in sync with Mitchell, and we were off to the races, fucking and getting fucked in blissful tandem. Mitchell picked up his tempo gradually and I followed his lead, sticking it to Jeff harder and harder as Mitchell stuck it to me harder and harder. By the time he was pounding the fuck out of me as I’d instructed, I had the sensation that with every one his thrusts, Mitchell was hammering my cock from its root ever deeper into Jeff, who, always noisy as fuck, was making even more noise.
I could feel my balls constricting and my cock swelling, and told the guys I was about to nut, driving harder and faster into my tight•end.
“What do I do?” Mitchell asked.
“Don’t stop!” I shouted as I exploded balls•deep in Jeff and sprawled onto his sweaty strong back and Mitchell kept hammering ropes of cum out of me.
“Now stop,” I croaked at last, completely spent.
“Remember that I’m still nearly a virgin,” Jeff said to Mitchell after we’d switched positions and he’d easily slipped his fat kielbasa balls•deep into me.
“You don’t feel like one,” Mitchell said, laughing, as he gave Jeff’s ass it’s first taste of his really big dick. To be sure, Mitchell had more difficulty in getting all (or most) of the way into Jeff’s more•snug rectum, and Jeff yelped or barked, white•knuckling my shoulders, with every short thrust. “Holy fuck!” he gasped as Mitchell slammed all the way in. “I nearly fucking nutted then.” “Sorry, I meant to warn you about that,” I said lamely, thinking that a couple of quick orgasms out of the two young studs behind me wouldn’t be such a bad thing. “Hey Coach,” Mitchell reported from the end of the line, “you left a huge fucking load behind…I love the way your cum•slick feels…”
“I did,” I admitted, “a veritable flood of c— oomph!” Jeff slammed into me again as Mitchell slammed into him. Jeff and Mitchell never quite reached the synchronicity that Mitchell and I had achieved with our strokes and counter•strokes, but they did well for a couple of neophyte sandwich•fuckers. I couldn’t be certain from where I knelt, but my guess is that to the extent they had difficulties matching their rhythms, it was because both of those studs were trying to lead.
What little they lacked in finesse, however, they more than made up for with youth, stamina and exuberance and I was totally exhausted by the time Jeff finally erupted inside me not very long before Mitchell erupted even deeper inside of him. After Mitchell rolled off Jeff and Jeff rolled off me, with the three of us lying on our backs on the floor separately enjoying our own post•fuck endorphin floods, Jeff raised his hand to high•five Mitchell. “Dude, that was fucking awesome…WE were fucking awesome!”
They had been fucking awesome, I thought, smiling to myself, and I hadn’t even buried my face in Mitchell’s hot•as•fuck ginger•fringed crack yet. That would come soon enough. “Pool,” I croaked and struggled to stand on my still•quivering legs.🏈

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Phillip Swarbrick