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The White Stud presents

(Background: "Die Salzburg" -- Georg Pezolt)

The White Stud is a sexologist with his own clinic in Harley Street, London

(The White Stud likes to add: "These pictures are part of a serious research project sounding the depth of sexual stimulation. But if you (you, reader) don't feel stimulated enough by this soft porn, maybe it helps to know that Salzburg is also the birthplace of W.A. Mozart. Mozart, yes, here...

...the clarinet concerto is one of his latest works (KV 622), and a fine example of what Mozart called 'my new simplicity'. ")


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    1. Yes, yes. Thank You, as always, for your comments!

    2. I feel that The Stud made the boys a bit too greenish, but anyhow.


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