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Hold the presses -- Tom of Finland's 100th birthday isn't over yet

Here's Alessio Slonimky's take on this important anniversary...

...which alludes to "The Rise of Venus" By Sandro Botticelli, the canvas which tells of the birth of the Uranian Aphrodite (Venus in Latin) hanging in the Uffici in Florence:

"Uranian Aphrodite?" Yes, because according to a legend enunciated by Pausanias, the second speaker in Plato's famous dialogue "The Symposium", there exist TWO Aphrodites: The "Uranian" one--Botticelli's--that rose from the foam of the sea and was blown by Zephyrus, the West Wind, on a shell to Cyprus. But there was a second one, called "Pademian" (vulgar), a daughter of the gods Zeus and Dione.
Some of you may be aware of this: the label "Uranian" was used by French and English homosexuals during the 19th century as self-identifying label.
And, yes, everything fits as usual. LustSpiel is working on a comic strip project about Plato's Symposium and here's a brief excerpt from our script:
    PAUSANIAS: the younger Aphrodite, the daughter of Zeus and Dione—we call her the Pandemian, or the common one. The love linked to the common Aphrodite is indiscriminate; it involves not only men but women as well, and it seeks the body rather than the soul. Anybody could become the target of Pandemian love, which is only after one thing--you know what I mean. This love doesn’t try to accomplish anything noble; it does good and evil quite indiscriminately.
    PAUSANIAS: But the love linked to the other, the Uranian Aphrodite, is an Eros inspired with affection towards men, and it is free of wantonness. The offspring of the heavenly Aphrodite is derived from a mother in whose birth the female has no part—she is from the male only. Those who are inspired by her love turn to the male. Anyone may recognize the true Uranian enthusiasts in the very character of their attachments: they love not younger boys, but intelligent beings whose reason is beginning to develop--roughly when their beards begin to grow. And in choosing young men to be their companions, they intend to be faithful and pass their whole life with them. They will not exploit their beloved’s inexperience, or deceive them.
 Just so that you know. Take heed.


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