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Indeed -- We haven't done this in years

We haven’t done this in years but being stuck together in the house all day long we started to explore like we did when we were teenagers. I watched my brother blow all over himself. It was fucking hot watching his cum fly from his dick. I rubbed his arm and chest as he made a mess all over himself.
“Shit, I forgot how big of a nutter you were. Fucking crazy,” I told him as I continue to jackoff.
He laughed. “Yeah, always have been,” he blushed. “You going to cum?” He asked.
“Uh huh, I’m close. Can I borrow some of this?” I asked as I reached over and scooped up some of his cum and smeared it over my dick.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he said under his breath as I jacked myself hard.
I felt my brothers come making my dick slick as I work my hand up and down my shaft. He watched and put his hand on my leg as I got some more of it and used him as lube.
“Cum for me, show me that load,” he encouraged.
It was like we were in high school again, he knew exactly what I wanted to hear. I started to grunt and my dick unloaded all over me just as his had done to him. He kept rubbing my leg and telling me how hot I was until I was done. I think this was the perfect thing for the both of us. Just what we needed in the stressful situation. Two brothers bonding and helping each other get through this together any way we could. -- Jakespot