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Raw confessions -- Wanting to be my friends cum dump

Raw confessions is a very American site with very raw confessions:

Dear sweet mother of god the amount of my friends dicks that I just want to shove down my god damn facehole is unbelievable.

I have one in New York, one in Texas, at least one or two in California, and so many fucking more.

None of the dudes are straight and all of them have shown interest at some point but god damn if i could.just let all of them cum in my mouth right now id feel amazing.....

Even though I am sure they all taste pretty bad.

Posted Mar 30, 2019 11:54:14 by anonymous
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  1. Never heard of the website before but, I do like the GIFs you shared with us! :)

    1. here's the link: https://www.rawconfessions.com/


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