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The Transfer Jock (25) -- by Jack Richards

“Hey Mitchell, have you ever pissed on another dude?”

Mitchell had rolled off Jeff and Jeff rolled off me, the three of us now lying on our backs on the floor enjoying our own post•fuck endorphin floods. Jeff raised his hand to high•five Mitchell. “Dude, that was fucking awesome…WE were fucking awesome!”
They had been fucking awesome. I smiled to myself. “Pool,” I croaked and struggled to stand on my still•quivering legs.


“Hey Mitchell, have you ever pissed on another dude?” I asked as the three of us lay by the pool, drying off in the hot sun after a refreshing dip. My head was in Mitchell’s lap, cushioned by his huge, mostly flaccid but piled•up cock, and Jeff’s head was in my lap, not nearly as cushioned as mine. “You know, a sexual thing, because the dude wanted you to?”
“Fuck, Coach, that’s kind of random,” Mitchell replied. “I’ve never even thought of doing that.”
“Fair enough,” I allowed, “but would you do it? For someone you were really into, if he really wanted you to?” I could see Jeff’s meaty cock stir and begin to inflate, just a bit.
Mitchell thought about my question for a minute. “I dunno, Coach…I’m not gonna say ‘no,’ because I guess if you really, really wanted me to pee on you, I’d have to consider it, because I am into you…Maybe you ought to ask Jeff to do it, though.” I couldn’t keep myself from laughing, and then had a hard time stopping. Somewhat to my surprise, Jeff was laughing too.
“What?” Mitchell asked, his face turning red.
“No, dude,” Jeff said, “not Coach…would you piss on ME?”
“Why would I want to do that?” Mitchell asked. “I like you too much to do that.”
“To make me happy…even happier,” Jeff replied. “And because if you did I’d set you up with Dewey…or…Landen.”
Mitchell laughed. “Dude, if I wanted to fuck Landen all I’d have to do is take a number. But Dewey? Dewey’s a fucking homo? I thought he was boning a bunch of cheerleaders.”
“Dewey thinks you’re hot•as•fuck, which you are,” Jeff said. “And he speculates, based on the size of your hands, that you’ve got a big fat wiener you’re hiding in your baggy pants.”
“Have you fucked him?” Mitchell asked, clearly interested. “I really do think he’s straight.”
“Not yet, but I’m going to, and soon,” Jeff replied. “I have blown him, though, and he would’ve blown me, except I had an even more important appointment. You’re right that Dewey is fucking two, not a bunch of, cheerleaders, but that’s just for show. He’s queer•as•fuck.”
“Whoa…” Mitchell said quietly.
“Hey Mitchell, would you like to start showering with the team?” I asked, breaking the silence that had ensued.
“I wouldn’t mind it,” he said, “but really why would I need to do that? I get to check everyone out anyway.”
“What the fuck?” Jeff exclaimed. “Dude, I’ve fucking studied you and never caught you checking out anybody but Sam. You didn’t even know I had a penis until I all but clubbed you with it at the urinals.”
Mitchell laughed, shaking his head. “What can I say? I’m discreet. I nearly swooned, on the inside only, when you walked out of the shower after your first practice. I popped about half a boner for you then, which is why I wear my baggy shorts.”
“Only half?” Jeff asked, and we all laughed.
“I just wondered if showering with the guys might…um…improve your standing with some of them,” I explained. “Take Dewey, just for example, if he thinks you’re hot, he’s got to be wondering what’s in your shorts. Why not let him see without having to show him in a more awkward setting? I don’t mean to embarrass you, Mitchell, but you’ve got the biggest dick in the locker•room, and nobody knows it but me, Jeff and Sam.”
“And I’d love to see you naked every fucking day,” Jeff chimed in, grinning.
“It’s not really fair,” I continued, “but guys react differently to ripped guys whose johnsons are bigger than theirs, even straight guys. I’m not talking about anybody, except maybe Landen, falling all over you or anything, it’s more subtle than that. Totally your call, but if you want to discreetly show off your junk, I can give you some cover by ‘making’ you hit the showers.”
“Subtle, my ass,” Jeff said, laughing. “It’s like you’re walking down the hall between classes…you pass two guys and one of them whispers to the other one, ‘You see that kid who just passed us? He’s got the biggest schlong in the school.’ A third guy hears that and asks, ‘Who does?’ Let me tell you, that kind of chatter can only help, bro.”
“I’ll think about it, Coach,” Mitchell said. “Is that like a trade to get me to piss on Jeff?”
“Fuck no,” I said, laughing, “I was changing the fucking subject, sorry to have put you on the spot about pissing on Jeff.”
“Oh, fuck it,” Mitchell said to Jeff, “go lie down over there so I don’t whiz on Coach, too.”
“Thanks, bro!” Jeff replied, scrambling up. “So you want me to hook you up with Dewey?”
“Nope, but thanks,” Mitchell said, rising. “If I ever want to fuck Dewey, I’ll take care of that myself. The only thing I want from you, and not as a quid pro quo, is not to be your fuck•buddy but to be your friend. I’m only going to piss on you because you’re my friend.”
“For sure, dude,” Jeff said, fist•bumping Mitchell, “you’re gonna be my best bud, whether you whiz on me or not…one point of clarification, though…we’re going to be the kind of best friends who fuck each other, too, right?”
“Definitely, like all the fucking time,” Mitchell said, “I mean, you know, like when you’re not with Coach…now lie down over there.” I got off Mitchell’s dick so he could piss on Jeff, and then followed them to watch. “Be sure to piss on his cock,” I whispered in Mitchell’s ear.
“Hey Coach, before Mitchell gets started,” Jeff said, his cock already stiffening, “Mitchell’s in the middle next, right? And you’re behind him?”
“That’s what I was thinking,” I said, “if you guys don’t object.” While I would’ve preferred to have Mitchell’s cock up my ass one more time before our little party broke up, I assumed he’d want to fuck Jeff again, and me fucking him seemed to be expected, plus I was dying to rim his tight pink hole, which probably wasn’t expected.
“No, that’s cool,” Jeff assured me as he started stroking his cock, “I just wanted to be sure that I didn’t need to fuck anybody right away…in case I get off now.”
Mitchell stood over Jeff and his flood•gates opened immediately, hosing Jeff down from his balls to the top of his head, lingering over his chest, then concentrating his stream on his hard cock, which Jeff was stroking furiously, his back arching his junk up closer to Mitchell’s huge pissing dick, Jeff whooping and yelling throughout.
As Mitchell’s stream began to peter out, I stepped up beside him and let my urine flow, too. Mitchell looked over at me in amazement as he shook the last drops of piss from his penis. My contribution got Jeff over the hump, and both Mitchell and I watched in amazement as Jeff jacked out one of the biggest loads either one of us had ever seen, the first hot jet of cum splattering across his face, the second centered on his chin, two or three more spurts landing on his chest, and more followed splashing across his six•pack.
“Holy fuck,” I said as Jeff wiped a glob of thick, creamy, pearly•white jizz off his chin and popped it into his mouth, “do you always cum like that?”
Jeff raised his head and took stock of the multiple cum deposits across his chest and abs and replied, “Yeah, pretty much.”
I dipped a finger into a large wad of cum on Jeff’s chest and licked it off my finger. “C’mon, Mitchell,” I said as I grabbed Jeff’s muscular arms, “give me a hand with this sack•of•shit.”
“I love it when you talk like that, Coach,” Jeff said just before we flung him into the pool. Mitchell had a nice semi going, which didn’t surprise me. There was something inexplicably exciting in pissing all over an ΓΌber•stud with the second biggest dick in your locker•room.
“I know, I popped serious wood right after I pissed on him in the shower this morning,” I confided in Mitchell as I groped his swelling cock, “and had to fuck him urgently against the shower wall.”
“I love hearing that shit, Coach,” Mitchell replied.
“So do you guys want to eat lunch or fuck next?” I asked while Jeff was toweling off. It was already well past lunchtime.
“Fuck!” they cried in unison.🏈

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by R.A. Schultz