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The Transfer Jock (26) -- by Jack Richards

"So, you guys want to eat lunch or fuck next?"


“So do you guys want to eat lunch or fuck next?” I asked while Jeff was toweling off. It was already well past lunchtime.
“Fuck!” they cried in unison.

“Fucking,” Mitchell repeated, “but first point me to a bathroom, please.” After Mitchell had left to take care of his personal business, which clearly wasn’t taking a leak, since he’d just done that all over Jeff, Jeff asked, “So what do you think, Coach? I mean, I can tell you like him and you’re having fun…but how’d you feel about asking him to spend the night with us? Or at least asking to come back for a while after second practice?”
Jeff’s questions didn’t catch me off•guard, because I’d already begun pondering the same idea. “I’m torn, Jeff,” I replied, “it’s probably pretty obvious that he…that I’m into Mitchell or I’m enjoying the fuck out of him…whatever…but part of me, a big part, doesn’t want to share what little time we, you and I, have together with anyone else, not even this kid, who excites the fuck out of me…”
“Coach, that’s pretty sweet,” Jeff said, “and I’m good with whatever you think is best…but three’s not really a crowd, and I already know I’m your number 1, at least among the guys that you could get locked up for fucking, so don’t worry about my feelings…and I promise you you’ll still get as much of me as you want, which I know is a lot.”
“Yeah, it is,” I laughed. “What do you want out of a second helping of Mitchell?”
“Not a second helping for myself, though I’d sure as fuck take one…or more, and probably will,” he replied, “but what I really want is to be there for…when you fuck him like you did me last night, when you fucked me like I needed to be fucked.” I have to say that surprised the fuck out of me.
“Mitchell needs to be fucked like he needs to be fucked more than I ever did, Coach, and I want to watch. Sure, he’s got a lot more butt•fucking experience than I do…but it’s shitty experience, Coach…he hasn’t learned a fucking thing other than how quickly he can get off from sticking his giant dick into a bunch of bent•over older dudes, no offense, Coach, but he doesn’t have a fucking clue how men in love fuck men…and I need you to show both of us.”
“What about Dewey?” I asked.
“That fag?” Jeff asked, laughing. “Unh Unh, Coach, we’re already spread too thin. Four’s too many, especially when one of them has enough D to equip two guys. No, we’re not ready for that.”
“Goddammit, I wasn’t saying invite Dewey, too,” I said, “I meant you ought to follow up with him PDQ, strike while the iron’s hot, et cetera. I just figured you were going to do that tonight.”
“Fuck no I’m not,” Jeff said, “but you do make a good point, Coach. So…if you’ll trust me to lock up the locker•room after practice, I’ll set the hook, but good, with Dewey in like 15 or 20 minutes. And you won’t miss me or that one load I’m going to leave with, in, him, then I’ll be back here with you and Mitchell in no time.”
“Jesus Christ,” I muttered.
“What?” Jeff insisted. “You and Mitchell are both about to get your rocks off in a hot guy’s ass, one of which is mine…but I’m not fucking anybody, I’m stuck up front playing with myself, so why shouldn’t I linger after practice, fuck Dewey real quick to show him I really am interested, and stay approximately even with you in the nutting department?”
“Jesus Fucking Christ,” I repeated myself, only with more emphasis. “Do NOT bring Dewey over here tonight.”
“I’m taking that as a definite ‘yes,’ Coach,” Jeff concluded.
“Yes to what?” Mitchell asked, reappearing.
“I’d like you to spend the night…here, tonight, with both of us, if—” I said, at least getting out in front, taking responsibility, sort of, for luring a 17•year•old (๐Ÿคž) student to my house (again) for the express purpose of having anal intercourse, and as much of it as we could. I’d need to explain my extremely tenuous legal position to Mitchell that night, not that he didn’t already understand. Fuck, I’d already committed at least five new felonies, including pissing on Jeff, since practice had ended…Jeff had deposited six felonies up my ass last night alone…
“But tell your parents you’re spending the night at my house, you know,” Jeff interjected.
“You don’t think I should just tell Mom that Coach is having a sleepover for the boys he likes to fuck in the ass the most?” Mitchell asked Jeff sarcastically.
“Well, that would have the advantage of being true,” I admitted, laughing.
“But we still get to fuck now, right?” Mitchell asked.
“Fuck yeah we do,” Jeff said, “but we’re pretty sure that’s not going to be nearly enough.”
“Like all night? Like I should bring my toothbrush?” Mitchell asked.
“Yep,” I confirmed, “here’s what I was thinking…Jeff’s got something he needs to do right after practice, in addition to picking up his toothbrush, but it shouldn’t take that long. I’m going to run by the grocery store after practice…we’ll grill some steaks out here later. Give me about an hour, then come on over anytime. What do you say?”
“Is that a trick question?” Mitchell laughed, high•fiving Jeff. “Fuck yeah I’m in.”
“Awesome,” Jeff said, then leaned over and kissed me. “Thank you.”


After a brief daisy chain on the living room floor for erection maintenance/renewal - me sucking Mitchell (of course), Mitchell blowing Jeff (just for sport, since Jeff wasn’t going to need a boner for the coming act), and Jeff ministering to me - Mitchell lubed Jeff’s hole and then began working his huge cock into that seemingly small opening. I stood straddling Jeff, facing Mitchell so that I’d have a good view of the grand re•opening and, more practically, so that I could lend a hand by spreading Jeff’s firm ass checks as far apart as I could. Mitchell, to his credit, repaid that favor by taking my throbbing cock into his mouth.

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Joe Phillips


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