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A sticky situation -- by Anonymous

Alex has had a bit of a sticky issue for quite some time now. It had started soon after puberty. Whether it was a gift or curse his dick had decided to become more unruly than most. His teenage years involved an almost constant erection, and sudden uncontrollable orgasms, messy ones too. He’d learnt to feel for the oncoming rush which allowed him just enough time to excuse himself from classes or awkwardly exit conversations, before his dick exploded out a generous helping of cum into his underwear, or a toilet if he managed to get to one in time.

On average Alex creamed himself every 1-3 hours, including during his sleep. His morning woods were closer to morning fountains. He knew to wear condoms to bed to save himself the morning cleanup. But while his condition had its downs, it certainly had its ups. Every orgasm was mindmeltingly pleasurable, often he found himself poorly attempting to stifle moans as pleasure radiated out from his spurting crotch.
It was a big step moving out in his early twenties, struggling daily to hide his condition from his housemate. Yet after a sudden creaming at the dinner table, the cat was out of the bag. Alex’s housemate handled it remarkably well, expressing concern and compassion appropriately.
However all that changed after a few days, Alex was washing the dishes in his underwear after dinner when he felt the familiar sensation of an impendending orgasm. He barely had enough time to step away from the sink before he doubled over, moaning in pleasure, grabbing the edge of the counter as 8 sudden shots of spooge coated the inside of his underwear. A slight erotic tingle still tickled his cock even as the sudden orgasm ended.
Alex had only just managed to finish the dishes a mere two minutes later when the slight erotic sensation returned to strong orgasmic throbs over the span of a few seconds. Staggering back from the sink, Alex braced himself against the fridge groping at his crotch as his rigid pole fired another 10 shots down the leg of his underwear and onto the kitchen floor, letting out a grunt with every spurt. As his second orgasm in two minutes faded, his could still feel his dick throbbing with desire for another release.
In a hurry he finished putting the dishes away before running past his housemate watching TV and into his room. Barely managing to make it inside the door before his hips bucked forward in another involuntary orgasm. “What is up with you today?” Alex mumbled to his dribbling cockhead. His cock didn’t reply but it continued to throb gently, apparently still craving more release. “Oh you want to get off, fine” Alex replied. He walked over to his desk and booted up his laptop, only managing to open up Google before his cock decided to grace him with another 12 shots of cum. Alex grunted in pleasure through gritted teeth, even for him and his dick, this behaviour was unnatural. He didn’t have any time to think on the matter before his dick exploded with creamy jizz once again, barely thirty seconds after the end of his last orgasm.
A sharp knock on his bedroom door only slightly managed to take his mind out of an erotic haze. “Hey dude you good in there?” “Yea-ugh-h just fine, I should be- FUCK ME!” Alex shouted looking down at his crotch, but it wasn’t his steadily spewing cock which caught his eye, he balls had swollen up from a normal size to at least tennis-ball or orange sized. “Alex?!” “Don’t worry dude, I’ll be fine -oh god- soon.” He only managed to utter, before loud groan escaped from his lips, as his dick began to cum again just as his last orgasm finished.
“Holy shit dude, if I knew it was gonna do that I wouldn’t have given you the full dose.” Alex snapped his over to his now opened bedroom door, “What do you mean full dose?” “Well I may our may not have put something extra in your drink tonight…?” “Please tell me you’re kidding!” “Does it look, or feel like I’m kidding?” he said gesturing to Alex’s still spewing boner. Alex manage didn’t respond, now lost in the haze of orgasmic sensations. “Here allow me to help with that.” his housemate replied licking his lips, stepping into the bedroom.


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