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The Transfer Jock (42) -- By Jack Richards

When the buffet of beautiful jocks was all assembled

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I spotted the big blond first baseman as he jogged up to the practice field and began to stretch on the sidelines, obviously finishing up a longer run, because he was drenched with sweat. Finn was about the same height as Jeff and Landen, but he was bigger, a big strapping hunk. My first thought as a football coach was to wonder why that stud wasn’t also playing football. My second thought was to say a prayer that he wouldn’t be creeped out by the thought of fucking a fit, good•looking guy who was roughly twice his age, at least once. I was slightly encouraged, not on the age question, but that he was still, if not ‘100% homo’ then at least queer enough, by the warm manner in which he greeted Mitchell, a fist•bump followed by a bear hug.
In truth, given the explicit nature of his invitation, the very fact that Finn was there pretty much settled the question of whether he was ‘queer enough,’ certainly with respect to the queer jocks his own age - and he ought to have been hugging Mitchell for introducing him to a group of good•looking studs who all sucked cock, bent over for other dudes, and fucked other guys in the ass. Moreover, the group to which he was going to be introduced was - or was becoming - a bottom•heavy group in need of another top. Even the most top•oriented of the group were comfortable with taking the ‘right cock’ up the ass (and none of them had yet found a ‘wrong cock’).
I waved Jeff over, as the three of us had arranged in between the two long, leisurely, pool•side ass•fuckings Jeff and Mitchell had given me after first practice, and gave him a written list of the guys I wanted to see on the sideline, and he went about rounding them up:
Max was a late addition, a cute sophomore wide receiver and probable back•up QB whom I couldn’t recall ever seeing naked, for sure not his dick. Mostly he was added as a decoy, a kid with no known connections to any of the others…but a guy Alex had flagged for Mitchell as a possible homo, apparently based on a couple of ‘looks’ and ‘glances,’ but still worth watching. “So what if he IS queer, fuck, he’s what, 15?” I’d complained loudly, but Mitchell assured me that Max had an early birthday and was 16.
“Besides, Coach, putting Max in this group doesn’t mean anyone’s going to fuck him, the point is he’s in the group because no one is fucking him. And I’ll tell Finn he’s off limits.” With that assurance, and a report that the kid had a large penis, I was ready to start watching Max a lot more closely at shower•time, whether he was queer or straight. While Jeff was summoning the group I drifted down the sideline closer to where Finn and Mitchell were talking, plainly enjoying each other’s company.
When the buffet of beautiful jocks was all assembled, I explained that I’d called them over because I’d chosen the five older guys to be captains in the following week’s scrimmage, and Max was included because he was getting the nod at starting QB for the blue squad in the scrimmage, plus I saw him as our QB of the future, after Landen graduated. “So I want to talk to all of you about the importance of leadership both on the field and off…”
At the same time, Mitchell was giving Finn a break•down of that fortuitous assemblage of talent: “All of those players are masculine, well•endowed homos, except for that cute guy in the red shorts, wavy brown hair? He’s straight, or at least there’s no reason to think he’s not. The other five are all certified homos, known to suck cock and fuck both ways to varying degrees. That tall, dark•haired stud with the dimples, wearing the cut•off #88 jersey? That’s Jeff, my best friend. He helped me arrange this. He’s got a huge fucking cock and he’ll probably hit on you later. Sex with him is great, plus he’s funny as shit…
“…None of the others know anything about you and aren’t expecting to meet you. That tall, ripped blond, the QB? He gave me a hand•job spontaneously this morning in the locker room, and Jeff and I tag•teamed him in between practices today. Great cock. Almost 100% a bottom. [[“Is he an Eagle Scout by any chance? Or likes to hang out with Eagle Scouts? Used to have a buzz cut, like last summer?” Finn asked]]. That black dude? Also hung, great body, best ass on the team, in my opinion. Him and Jeff flipped last night in the locker•room…and he asked me out today. Well, you get the picture. Questions?”
“If you could have only one of those studs which one would you pick?” Finn asked.
“Jeff, hands down, but I’ve been with most of those guys before, not all, and wouldn’t refuse any of them. Jeff, though, he’s future boyfriend material once he gets over…some older dude.”
“You wouldn’t choose the Coach?” Finn asked. “I’ve seen him around school plenty, last spring, you know, and he’s a total fucking smoke•show…God, but he’s wearing out those green shorts…”
“Well…I..um…if he wanted to, I mean, sure…but…” Mitchell stammered. He hadn’t expected that, but should have. He’d thought Coach was the hottest one in the locker•room, too. As had Jeff.
“Is he married?” Finn asked. “You ever hear any rumors about him or shit like that?”
“Single. Rumors…no,” Mitchell replied. “C’mon, let me introduce you so you can get a closer look before Coach dismisses everybody.”
“Great, but one last question, what do you get out of this, Mitchell?”
“Simple, I liked being with you last spring,” Mitchell said, “and I want you to fuck me, no strings attached.”
“Done,” Finn said, laughing. “Tonight, if you want. Do you still want to fuck me?”
“Fuck yeah I do,” Mitchell replied, “but I know that—”
“We all change, bro,” Finn interjected, “just like you did. Could be your lucky night…and mine. I’ve missed you, too.”
“So the main thing I want to know,” I said after Mitchell had introduced Finn all the way around, “is why a big, athletic guy like you isn’t playing football, too?”
“Coach, there’s almost nothing I’d rather be doing,” Finn said, “and I did until last fall, but last season I had a couple of concussions…after two, my parents said ‘that’s it,’ and, you know, the doctor said a third could be, well, pretty devastating. I still love the game, of course, and I miss it. And I’m a huge fan of yours.”
“Nothing to see here but some great, hard•working players,” I said, “but thank you. I’m really sorry that you had to give up the game, but it was the right call, Finn. I wouldn’t let a kid with two concussions keep playing, either. If you want to be a part of this, though, we could use another student manager/trainer.”
“Yeah, but you’d have to shower with the team after practices,” Mitchell chimed in, and everyone laughed.
“That’s a rule?” Finn asked. His running shorts were soaked through and clung to his ample bulge. All of those homos, of course, were checking Finn out. Even Max seemed to have eyes for Finn’s bulge. Maybe, I couldn’t be sure about that.
“Fringe benefits,” Jeff said to more laughter. Nobody laughed louder than Max.
“Speaking of showers,” I said, “the rest of the team’s heading in. Let’s go, guys!” I shook Finn’s hand again, and I don’t think I was the only one prolonging the grip. Finn didn’t seem to want to let go either. I was also gratified that he checked out the bulge in my tight green shorts, more than once. “Think about my offer, Finn. I’d fucking love to have you.”
“I will, Coach,” Finn replied, “and thank you. We might do some great things together, who knows?” My bulge bulged more. All of the group was heading up to the field house, except for Mitchell and Jeff (also prearranged), and I hurried to catch up. I didn’t want to miss Max coming out of the showers.
“So what do you think?” Mitchell asked Finn.⚾️

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Joseph Sheppard


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