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The Transfer Jock (48) -- By Jack Richards

"Those shorts do accentuate your giant dick nicely:"
“Finally,” Finn said, laughing, as Jeff walked over to his Jeep where Finn was waiting for him. “You look like you’ve got it seriously fucking bad, bro.” After an unexpected after•hours shower•room romp with Coach and their friends, the two transfer•jocks were heading to Coach’s fuck•nest where Jeff expected to lose himself utterly in Max until at least the next day, and where Finn was hoping to lose his anal virginity in the least painful and most satisfying way possible.
“Is it that obvious?” Jeff asked as he unlocked the doors.
“Dude, no,” Finn replied, “it’s way more fucking obvious than that.” They both burst out laughing as they pulled out of the parking lot.
“I don’t know, man,” Jeff said, “you could probably say that I fall in love with every guy I’ve ever fucked, most of ‘em, for a minute, anyway…but I haven’t fucked Max yet and I’m totally fucking consumed by him. It’s not love, though, is it? I mean, I’ve known him, sort of known him, for a few weeks, thought he was cute, good•looking, whatever, but young and presumably straight, obviously I’d never seen him naked before because, like you, he’s got an unforgettable penis…but I can’t tell you where his locker is or even swear that I’ve seen him wearing only a towel, although I do seem to vaguely recall a scene like that…the idea of having sex with Max never fucking crossed my mind…then I see him on the floor riding Coach’s cock like a fucking beast, the way Coach rode mine the first time I topped him…and when Max got up and turned around…and I saw his cock…he seemed so…feral…maybe? And Boom! So I see some kid’s big dick and suddenly I can’t live without him? That doesn’t make any fucking sense…”
“Temporarily,” Finn replied.
“You can’t live without him, temporarily,” Finn said. “Neither of us thinks Max is going to be the great love of your life just because you’re temporarily consumed by him. Hey, but if it turns out that way, all the better. And, by the way, just in case you’re blind, that stud is at least as hot for you as you are for him. Stop analyzing this shit and enjoy the fuck out of each other before the fire burns out.”
“I know, I know,” Jeff said, groaning. “I just haven’t felt it quite like this…so suddenly…and so overwhelmingly before.”
“Hey Jeff, would you mind swinging by my house so I can grab some clothes?” Finn asked.
“No can do,” Jeff replied.
“No?” Finn asked, surprised. “Look, fuck•nut, all I’ve got is this sweaty T•shirt and these sweaty running shorts…”
“Which is way more than you’re gonna need, although those shorts do accentuate your giant dick nicely,” Jeff said, reaching over and playfully glomming a big handful of his new friend’s meaty cock through his skimpy, damp shorts. “We’re butt•naked 24/7 at Coach’s, trust me. And you can borrow my toothbrush. When you’re tired of fucking and sucking hot jocks, let me know and I’ll get you an Uber.”
“OK, OK,” Finn said, quickly resigning himself to hanging out naked with a bunch of hot nude dudes, and fucking and sucking them until he was sated. “So is Max what you wanted to talk to me about?”
“Not really,” Jeff replied, “well, kind of, one of the things is related to that. I mean, I really do think you’re hot•as•fuck, Finn, and I badly want to fuck you…you felt so fucking good inside me a little while ago and I hope you want to fuck me again. So I kind of wanted to say I’m sorry I let Max get in the way of whatever you and I were going to do tonight…but I honestly cannot fucking help it. Not tonight, but tomorrow, or soon, I want to get all in your junk again, and do all kinds of vile and unspeakable shit with you.”
“Jeff, no worries,” Finn said, “we’re going to have plenty of time to do all kinds of vile and unspeakable shit together.”
“Like me burrowing my tongue into your asshole?” Jeff asked, laughing.
“Please, God, yes,” Finn agreed, “exactly that kind of vile and unspeakable shit…and worse.”
“Hey Finn, I meant what I said earlier,” Jeff said, “about us being friends, good friends, I hope. I really like you.”
“Fucking•A, great friends with great benefits,” Finn agreed.
“Good, because when I fuck you, and that’s going to be soon,” Jeff warned him, “I’m probably going to fall in love with you.”
“I’d be hurt if you didn’t,” Finn replied, smiling.
“Hey Finn,” Jeff said, “there’s one other thing I kind of wanted to talk about, and that’s you losing your cherry tonight…oh, by the way, I meant to tell you you’ve got a killer ass…dude, when I saw your perfect wet hairy blond ass in the shower earlier I nearly fucking creamed. Anyway, I’ve got a couple things to say about you getting fucked in the ass tonight, if you don’t think that’s too personal for me to bring up since I’m not the one doing the fucking.”
Finn laughed. “Jeff, too personal? Please, dude. I fucked you in your killer ass a little while ago, and then I pissed all over you. We can talk about anything, bro.”
“It sounds so hot when you put it that way,” Jeff said, “but it would’ve been even hotter if you’d said, ‘and then I pissed all over you with my huge fire•hose of a cock.’”
“I see your point of emphasis,” Finn said. “Hey, can you explain the pissing thing to me? I don’t get it but I’m intrigued.”
“Sure, or I’ll at least try,” Jeff replied. “But not right now. I really do want to talk about you getting your cherry popped, and it’s not going to take us all that long to get to Coach’s fuck•nest.”
“Go ahead,” Finn said, “you’re the one who fucking arranged the grand opening.”
“Well, not exactly, not yet,” Jeff replied, “but I am about to finish arranging it. And don’t worry, Coach WILL do it, because you’re hot•as•fuck, and because I’m asking him to do it, even though he’d much rather have your big ol’ dick boning him all night. So that’s the first thing, which I know you’d do anyway, simply out of common courtesy, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, which is that after Coach fucks you as patiently and tenderly and as gently as you can imagine, you’re absolutely going to have to fuck the ever•loving shit out of him, you know, fuck him like Max just did, only harder - he’ll tell you how he likes it, and you can believe him when he says he wants you to pound the fuck out of him. So that’s one thing…”
“That’ll be my pleasure,” Finn said. “What else?”
“The other thing is about you, not Coach,” Jeff continued, “and it’s this, I’m not going to lie to you…as patient and gentle as Coach is going to be, it still hurts like shit the first time…but not so much that you’ll ever even think about asking him to stop, you won’t, and that’s because even though it hurts, it still feels so fucking good you’re not going to believe it. Like right now, I can still feel your big fucking dick filling me all the way up, and I love that feeling.”
“That’s Max you’re feeling, he was there last,” Finn pointed out, laughing.
“Maybe, but he was only in me a minute or two,” Jeff replied, “I really think it’s you, but whoever, it still feels great. Anyway, the second time you get fucked in the ass, it’s still going to hurt like shit, but not as much as the first, and the good feeling is better than it was the first time. The third time you get fucked in the ass it still hurts, but not nearly as much as the first two times and, naturally, it feels even better, too. The fourth time is awesome, and it barely hurts at all. The fifth time you get fucked in the ass, it’s fucking perfect, all good…
“…So my unsolicited advice to you is to get to No. 5 as quickly as you can,” Jeff continued. Now, I’m not talking about pulling a train or anything like that, but if I were you I’d take at least one cock up my ass every day for five straight days. But you’ve got a situation here this weekend where you could easily get fucked in the ass at least five times between now and the end of Sunday night if you wanted to. And I’m pretty sure both Max and I, not to mention Mitchell, will be able to help you tomorrow with some of those middle numbers.”
“You’re a fucking trip, you know that, right?” Finn said, laughing.
“Yeah I am,” Jeff agreed. “Now the last thing I’ve got to say is about me. I’m nervous as a cat about seeing Max again, because I’m afraid as soon as we see each other we’re going to start fucking and not stop until sunrise. What would really help me calm down and focus before we get to Coach’s is to pull over in this dark, safe place I know and suck your gorgeous beer•can•cock for just a few minutes. That would be SO soothing to me. It’s OK with me if you need to conserve your semen, I’ll stop sucking whenever you say ‘when’ but, dude, I can’t get your dick out of my mind. What do you think, is that queer enough for you?”
“That’s queer enough for now,” Finn replied, laughing. “Pull this Jeep over ASAP. Dude, you are without a doubt the hottest mother•fucker I’ve ever met.” A minute or so later, Jeff pulled down a dark, wooded cul•de•sac on which no houses had yet been built. It was a perfect place for vehicular blowjobs and fucking, as Mitchell had learned one night, the second time Jeff had fucked him. Finn was wearing those flimsy dri•fit running shorts with the built•in nylon lining, the kind that really showed off a big bulge like his, and he pulled them down to his ankles as soon as the car stopped at the end of the lane.
“Perfect,” Jeff said when he saw Finn’s partially engorged translucent•white cock, webbed with blue veins, flopped over onto his left thigh, perfect because Jeff, like Coach, loved the feeling of a fat cock growing hard in his mouth, but then who doesn’t? He fell on that cock voraciously, ‘like the wolf on the fold,’ scarfing it into his mouth before it could get any harder. Finn sighed deeply as Jeff sucked his stiffening dick into hardness and then bobbed his head up and down on his thick shaft rapidly, dragging his tongue behind, all the while aggressively massaging Finn’s big, loose nuts.
“Hey Jeff,” Finn said quietly, enjoying the fuck out of the best blowjob he’d had in months - since Mitchell, in fact - and Jeff looked up at him questioningly. “I was just thinking how much more soothing for you it might be if I were blowing your big watermelon•dick while you keep sucking the skin off my cock. Just tell when to stop, I know you’re going to need to save that load.”
“Uh huh,” Jeff readily agreed. “I don’t know if you noticed, but my back seat is folded down and a few sleeping bags are spread out back there…makes a pretty decent spot for 69, plus that would really help me get my mouth on your nuts. I don’t think I told you this, but I fucking love to suck nuts.”
“No, you didn’t,” Finn noted, “but I’m glad to hear it because my nuts love to get sucked.” Finn pulled his shorts all the way off, and Jeff pulled off his shorts and jock, and they ran around to the rear of the Jeep, crawling in through the lift•gate. Jeff, of course, was already rock•hard and he moaned through a mouthful of Finn’s nuts (one at a time, to be precise) as Finn deep•throated a good bit of Jeff’s thick boner. Jeff attacked Finn’s thick shaft with renewed vigor, jacking him with a twisting motion of his wrist and spit•covered hand while sucking furiously on Finn’s beer•can.
“‘When!’ I’m about to nut,” Jeff had finally had to say, slapping Finn’s ass, and Finn had immediately disgorged Jeff’s throbbing cock. “‘’When’ for you?” Jeff asked, and Finn replied, “No ‘when’ for me, I can spare a load…and I’m…getting…close…this feels so fucking good…” Jeff worked enthusiastically for no more than another minute before that thick beer•can•cock began spurting jet after jet of hot, thick cum into the back of Jeff’s throat, to his delight. He continued to stimulate Finn’s cock and knead his big balls until Finn had to push him off his tender equipment.
“Oh, fuck, dude,” Finn said as they pulled away from the curb, “you give head just like Mitchell, which is like fucking great.”
“I’ve been sucking cock for years,” Jeff said, “but I never was very good at it, at least not at getting guys off in my mouth, until Mitchell showed me how to really suck a cock a couple weeks ago.” They were quiet for a minute, and then Jeff added, “You know, I really love that guy.”
“I know you do, bro,” Finn said, as they pulled into Coach’s driveway next to Mitchell’s car, “that showed through over and over again this afternoon.”
“Thanks, bro, for all of that,” Jeff replied. “You were fucking great, and I am SO fucking soothed. Hey Finn, don’t tell anybody I said this, because it’d make me sound so conceited, which I am, but I secretly love it when you call me ‘watermelon•dick.’ Now let’s go get you fucked the way you need to be fucked.”
“10/4, watermelon•dick, and I want you to be the second one in.”⚾️

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Theo Blaze


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