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The Transfer Jock (49) -- By Jack Richards

"Hey, Coach, can I have a quick word with you in private?"



Coach, Mitchell and Max were all naked, sitting around the hot tub when Jeff and Finn let themselves in and came through the house to find them. Only Max had a boner. “See, bro? We’re over•dressed,” Jeff said to Finn. Once they’d stripped, only Max and Jeff had boners. Coach welcomed them warmly, offering pizza, beer, privacy, public spaces, condoms, lube, whatever they wanted. Finn went straight to the ice chest. Jeff, who’d gone straight to Max, specifically his neck, which needed kissing en route to other parts, called out, “Beer me!” Finn’s inevitable reply had been “Queer me!” “Tomorrow, you homo,” Jeff laughed as Finn tossed him an ice•cold can roughly the size of Max’s flaccid penis.
The transfer tight•end resumed his oral advance up the back•up QB’s neck from behind him, reaching around and gripping his rock•hard 16•year•old (but very mature) beer•can•cock near its head, tickling its blunt tip with his thumb and flicking the foreskin down. When Jeff’s thumb returned to the head of Max’s dick, he found a good bit of viscous pre•cum oozing out, so he smeared it all over Max’s flared knob. Jeff whispered something naughty into Max’s ear, and Max chuckled and reached for Jeff’s beer, which he surrendered.
“Hey Coach, can I have a quick word with you in private?” Jeff asked. Coach naturally agreed, and climbed out of the hot tub, suggesting they talk in the cabana across the pool because he had something there he wanted to show Jeff. The transfer•jock leaned around Max, swallowed the head of his cock, licked off the sophomore’s still•accumulating leakage and started to follow Coach.
Mitchell burst out laughing. “Jesus Christ, Jeff,” he said, “you stroll in, give Max a reacharound and then a blowjob right in our laps, but you can’t talk in front of us?” Mitchell wasn’t pissed, but he did have a point, and Max and Finn had laughed with him.
“Exactly,” Jeff replied, turning around to face Mitchell. “And as soon as I come back, Max and I are going to fuck right here, unless public butt•fucking suddenly makes anyone here uncomfortable.” Jeff had instantly regretted his over•the•top response (in tone if not in content), acknowledging to himself that Finn’s incomplete blowjob probably hadn’t been all that soothing. He knew that Mitchell had just been fucking with him, and had no issue with the PDA he’d given Max, nor with him whispering in Coach’s ear.
More to the point, Jeff had intended to take Max to a guest room inside where they could give full vent to their passions in private. The difference between him and Mitchell tag•teaming Landen in front of each other and Coach (or him and Mitchell watching Landen fuck Coach) that afternoon, and him and Max making love alone, just for themselves, was night and day. He didn’t want to have to fuck Max leaning against the outside of the hot tub, right in his ginger friend’s face, although Mitchell no doubt would enjoy that. And while he didn’t think Max gave a shit about what he’d either said or done, he thought he’d probably made another mistake in announcing what he and Max were going to do and where, without first consulting Max. “Hey Mitchell, I’m sorry I snapped at you, bro. And Max, I’m sorry if I embarrassed you by sucking your dick in front of my new boyfriend, and I’m especially sorry for making plans about what else you and I might or might not be about to do without talking to you about it first. That’s your call as much as it is mine.”
“Jeeze,” Max replied, laughing, “would you just shut up and go talk to Coach so we can fuck?” Everyone laughed, no one louder than Mitchell. OK, Jeff thought, his first instincts had been right - Max didn’t give a shit what these guys thought, he just wanted to fuck him. He’d probably be cool with bouncing on Jeff’s dick in the hot tub with everybody else soaking next to them.
“I love you guys!” Jeff said and leaned over to lick the few drops of fresh, clear pre•cum off the head of Max’s dick. Jeff smacked his lips and said, “You know, you taste kind of like…Christmas. Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.” Then he jogged around the pool, boner bouncing, to join Coach in the cabana.
“Holy fuck,” Jeff exclaimed. “Where’d this shit come from? Has it always been here? Why haven’t we been fucking over here? This is like a regular Corbin Fisher pool•side fuck•platform for six!” Jeff sat down and then lay back on what was essentially an expansive pool•side fuck•platform piled high with pillows and cushions. “This is fucking awesome!”
“Glad you approve of my new patio furniture,” Coach said, “I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and it got delivered and set up this afternoon. Good timing, huh? Now what’s on your mind, sport?”
“Well, something entirely different now,” Jeff said, laughing, “like who you were fucking a couple of weeks ago, or planning to fuck, when you ordered this fuck•platform. But we can talk about that later. My previous first thing, Coach, was I need to ask you if can borrow Max, like for the rest of his life? I mean, you did find him first, but we are on fucking fire for each other. I hope I’m not stepping on your toes…or on my own dick…”
“I’d say there’s not much danger of stepping on it,” Coach said, chuckling, “given the present state of your dick.” Jeff was still rock•hard and had started oozing pre•cum himself. “Yeah, I’m a fucking mess over Max,” Jeff admitted.
“Look, we can talk about the why of it later,” Coach replied, “probably tomorrow night if my prediction in the pool we’ve got going over how many times you and Max are going to fuck each other tonight is anywhere close to right. Suffice it to say for now, thanks for taking that 15•year•old he•devil off my very guilty hands. He’s fucking wonderful, but for you, not me. You and Max have my blessing. Enjoy the fire, Jeff.”
“You know I still love you, right, Coach?” Jeff asked, giving him a tender kiss. “Even more for being so understanding about my…um…weakness.”
“Of course I do,” Coach replied, “and I’d call it a strength. I’m afraid you’re nowhere near done fucking me, though you may be until Sunday. And I’m going to wind down with the other guys as gracefully as I can before I’m done with, probably, all of them Sunday night.”
“What about the he•devil?” Jeff asked, protective of his new protege. “Can I invite him for Sunday night, or is he just too young for you to be comfortable with?”
Coach laughed. “I’m already going to hell, Jeff, so I’m not passing on the chance to get hammered by seven fucking studs. You’re about to find out how special he is.” “So what’s your fuck•pool number, Coach?” Jeff asked, grinning lasciviously - a very good look for him.
“I thought I’d be conservative, taking into account that you both have already nutted twice today, that I know of,” Coach replied, “so I bet on twelve total orgasms.”
“Twice is all for me today, since daylight, anyway. I don’t think I have to worry about those before dawn. You’ll probably be pretty close, Coach, but you never can tell.” “Now, a favor for Finn?” Coach asked, “who, by the way, is hot•as•fuck.”
“Right?” Jeff agreed. “I love that dude, too. Fucking gorgeous, and he’s a super guy, even leaving aside that blond pubic patch and beer•can•cock, which, of course, I could never leave aside. So the deal is, he’s an anal virgin but he’s come around on the question of bottoming. He’s dying to try it, Coach, like tonight, but he’s never had more than a finger up his poop chute, and like most, all, guys, he’s really fucking nervous about taking the first one up his ass. He wanted Mitchell and me to find him some pencil•dicked geek to pry him open the first time, but we don’t really know any—” Coach burst out laughing. “No,” he agreed, “no, you really don’t.”
“Bottom line, you’re the only guy who makes any sense, even though you’ve got a big dick, too,” Jeff said, “I mean, you know exactly how to gently break•in a stud like Finn.”
“I didn’t do that for you, Jeff, your first time,” Coach replied, “and I still feel like an ass about that.”
“Aw, Coach, stop that,” Jeff said, “you didn’t know. I mean, I had seriously worn my ass out with a huge dildo getting ready to pay my debt to Mitchell. And your big dick slid right in, so forget that shit. So will you do it, Coach, fuck Finn like he needs to be fucked?”
“That stud? Fuck yeah I will,” Coach said, chuckling at that very pleasant thought. “But here’s the thing, Jeff, this is going to take a long time, maybe a couple of hours, to do it right. And you and Max are about to set yourselves on fire together. And then there’s Mitchell…what are you going to do about Mitchell?”
“No brainer, Coach,” Jeff said. “I love that dude, so Max and I will just have to wait for one•on•one time. We’ll three•way until you or Finn frees up. No big deal.” “I know the kind of passion you and Max are feeling right now, and it’s not the kind of thing anyone wants to share,” Coach said.
“No, it’s not,” Jeff agreed, “but it’s what we’re going to do, and cheerfully. We’re a team, Coach, and if I haven’t learned anything else from you, it’s what being a member of a team is all about…that, and killer rimming, that’s another thing I learned from you that I’ll never forget.”
“If you haven’t already done it, you’ve just made a friend for life out of Mitchell,” Coach replied, “not for including him in a three•way with you and Max, because that’s not going to happen, not tonight anyway, but for including him on your team. I’m really proud of the decision you made, but Mitchell’s got a date with Dewey tonight. I confess that he’d already talked to me about Finn, had clearly understood what was going on with you and Max, and we both saw where all that was heading if I were to fuck Finn like he both needs and deserves to be fucked. So he called Dewey and accepted Dewey’s earlier offer of an ‘anytime, anyplace’ date for tonight. I think that just means they’ll be fucking here tonight, too.”
“You fucker, you were testing me?” Jeff said, laughing and loving the beauty of it all. “Mitchell really did that for me?”
“No, not really,” Coach said, “or not entirely. There’s some smoldering shit going on between Mitchell and Dewey that was going to have to be sorted out soon anyway. So Mitchell’s real gift to you is more one of recognition of the problem and timing…you know, basic logistics.”
“Right, and he did that shit for me,” Jeff insisted. “Just because he gets rewarded with the second biggest dick in the locker•room, which he’s been dying for, doesn’t make it any less of a gift. It’s what teammates do for each other, Coach, for Chrissakes.”
“I suppose you’re right,” Coach agreed. “Now go fuck Max.” “Or vice•versa,” Jeff said. “And I was thinking we’d break in your new Corbin Fisher pool•side fuck•platform, if you don’t mind.”
“Go for it,” Coach said, “though Finn and I might join you out here later, after you and Max have fucked some of the fire out of your systems. Hey Jeff, if I could give you one little piece of advice you haven’t asked for on the question of who goes first, and similar shit that always arises…” “Please,” Jeff replied.
“Max is a fucking stud and he looks like he’s 18,” Coach said, “but he’s two years younger than you, so try to resist the natural temptation to always be the one in charge. Let Max decide. Let Max decide whenever you can, about anything you can, and you just might turn white•hot lust into true love, which is like turning iron into gold. Our first night together, you asked me about what went wrong between my former partner and me. Well, I made the mistake of not letting my ‘Max’ decide, not often enough, anyway.”
“Thanks, Coach,” Jeff replied. “That might go right up there with ‘team’ and ‘killer rimming.’”


When Jeff got back to the hot tub with his oozing boner, Max was sitting beside it, dressed. Granted, he wasn’t wearing very much, just the same sweat•soaked muscle shirt showing off his hunky biceps and bushy pits, his baggy gym•shorts (commando) that still couldn’t hide his prominent erection and his flip•flops. “What the fuck, Max? You’re not leaving, are you? I had to talk to Coach…” he asked, the anguish evident on his stricken face.
“Fuck no I’m not leaving,” Max said, rising and throwing his arms around Jeff’s neck, pressing his mouth to Jeff’s, his tongue forcing its way in. “I’m getting ready to fuck. There’s just something more sensual about ripping each other’s clothes off first.” He buried his face in Jeff’s sweaty #88 practice jersey and inhaled deeply, sighed, then handed the jersey and the shorts Jeff had worn at practice, minus his jock, to his new mentor. “Get dressed, stud.” Before Jeff could get his shorts pulled all the way up, Max bent down and swallowed about half of his thick hard cock and sucked off the gooey pre•cum. “Mmmm.” Jeff groaned as Max’s tongue finished (temporarily) by circling the rim of his big flared head.
When Max was done, Jeff finished ‘dressing,’ and took him by the hand and started to lead him toward Coach’s new Corbin Fisher pool•side fuck•platform, but he paused after just a couple of steps and clapped his free hand on Mitchell’s shoulder. “The shit you’ll do to avoid a three•way with Max and me…” Jeff said to his - all labels and pretense aside - best friend. “No shit, you were really going to invite me?” Mitchell asked, beaming. “Fuck yeah I was…I did in fact, well, to Coach, but of course I was.” “True,” Coach observed. “Mitchell, man, whatever I’m doing - getting reamed by the hottest QB on the team, ‘watching game film’ with Coach, taking a shit, you name it - you are always fucking invited,” Jeff added, “except right now, since I hear you have a hot date…and because Max is so fucking shy.” Max laughed and stuck his hand down the back of Jeff’s shorts and into his hairy crack, one long finger exploring for and then tickling his puckered brown hole.
“Yeah, I do. I’m really excited about Dewey,” Mitchell said, “but we’ll see you guys around later, and I’ll take a rain check on sharing you with Max.” Jeff gave his best bud a quick kiss on the lips, saying, “Later, dude,” then he winked at Finn, and said, “Have fun tonight, bro.”
“C’mon, Max, I want to show you something very fucking cool,” Jeff said as they walked toward the cabana.
“Yeah, his big, fat watermelonπŸ‰dick,” Finn quipped, and all five of them laughed. Jeff loved hearing that shit.🏈

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Unknown


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