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LustSpiel festival (6) -- It's a classic -- the boy with grey speedos

Cool, folks, we've reached the milestone of 3 million page views, and it's time for yet another self-serving, self-congratulating festival, and so we are reposting 10 of our best, most significant posts from the last year; here's the sixth. No need to explain this to the Illuminati and Intimi and all the other people with Italian surnames...these are among the most classical pictures ever.  An innocent boy---innocent especially by our demanding standards---goes viral on the internet and refuses to disappear. We first posted this on April 27 this year:

And, for a change, we know (or learned) the underlying story: this is Pedro Delafuente, a Mexican exchange student at Corona High School on Coronado Island, San Diego, at the time. The famous photos were taken at Newport Harbor High School, Newport Beach, California, during a water polo tournament in 2004. 


  1. He's so natural and comfortable in his own skin... obviously not from USA. I love every time this set of pics is posted.


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