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The Transfer Jock (54) -- By Jack Richards


The mentor and his protegΓ© had lain together, entwined.



Jeff lost himself in Max and Max had lost himself in Jeff as they fucked, like, forever (or so it must have seemed to them, given their previous coital mishaps together), until Jeff had simply known that it was time for an ending, and so had finally allowed himself to climax, likely with Max’s unspoken assent, producing an orgasm commensurate with the fucking that preceded it.


The mentor and his protege had lain together entwined after Jeff had fucked Max the way he needed to be fucked, each more or less blown away by the other, whispering nothings and a few somethings, too, including some of the history of Max’s sexual escapades with his older half•brothers (a pair of hunky identical twins), a story that Jeff had found incredibly hot, until the persistent press of Max’s rock•hard 16•year•old boner had become too insistent to ignore any longer, and Max had mounted Jeff and fucked him as exquisitely as Jeff had fucked him, in almost a mirror image of Jeff’s (top) performance.
Max’s epic (top) performance had not lasted as long, nor had it needed to, and it had been slightly more nuanced and fluid, his movements timed flawlessly and punctuated differently - in ways that Jeff couldn’t quite put his finger on. One fact was obvious to Jeff, though, namely, that the protege, two years junior to the mentor, had a whole lot more butt•fucking experience than did the mentor, who made up for some of his relative inexperience through great instincts, natural talent and being a very quick study.
Most of Max’s sexual experience had been with his two older brothers, and a steady parade of their queer friends, but the brothers (at least) were no slouches in the sack, and Jeff’s mind had numbed trying to calculate how many times Max had likely fucked and been fucked by those horny twins. When you do something almost every day for an extended period of time, the total numbers start to add up pretty quickly.
The experience gulf between Max and Jeff widened even more when the relevant experience was limited to bottoming. The mentor had never been fucked in the ass until two nights before, though he had taken to it like a duck to water; the protege had been taking it up the ass, and loving it, for more than two years. Whoever said, ‘To become better at fucking a man in the ass, the only thing better than fucking a man in the ass is for a man to be fucked in the ass, and the more he is fucked, the better he will become,’ was probably overstating his case, but there is certainly some truth in it, if for no other reason than the bottom is a far better judge of whether the top is any good.
In between that pair of epic fucks, and after Max had told Jeff something of his history and relationship with his older siblings, Jeff asked him if he and the twins were still fucking each other, not because he viewed them as rivals or anything of the sort, but because he wanted to know everything he could know about Max, and the ‘brother thing’ was obviously a key piece of his puzzle. It also kind of flipped Jeff’s switch.
“Only when we’re together,” Max replied, and they laughed together at his answer. “I mean, yes, but I really don’t see them all that often anymore, you know, like even this summer they stayed at school so we only had a few weekends together. It’s kind of hard to describe…I love George and Fred like brothers…and the three of us love to fuck…well, it’s more than physical, for sure…but it’s not romantic, not that kind of love. Like I’m not longing for them to be inside me or vice•versa, you know, it’s nothing like being with you…
“…Even with the twins, who are much closer to each other than they are to me, I don’t think they’re, you know, ‘in love’ with each other…like they’ve both had a couple of pretty serious boyfriends along the way…they’d still fuck each other, though, and me if I was around, and sometimes all of us would fuck the boyfriend, too. By the way, I think you’d really like them, and that you’d like fucking them, too…they’re both really good, attentive lovers, plus they’re fun to hang out with.”
“So when you are together, like this summer, was it usually all three of you, or were you with each of them separately?” Jeff asked as he lightly traced his finger up the underside of Max’s hard cock from his balls to the tip of its head.
“Almost always we’re all together, but it could go down any number of different ways, like Fred watching George and me, George watching Fred and me, me watching the two of them, any of those pairs flipping, all three of us actively working at getting off together, any combination of any of those things.”
“What happens most often?” Jeff asked.
“OK, Fred and George are both versatile, but when I say that I don’t mean they both like topping and bottoming equally, because they don’t, they have very definite preferences, but they’ll cover either position, be good at it, and enjoy it. Kind of like me but my preferences aren’t nearly as strong. Fred is a pretty strongly•oriented top, George is a pretty strongly•oriented bottom, I could almost flip a coin. So what usually makes the most sense for all of us is sandwich•fucking, with me in the middle more times than not, Fred topping me and me topping George. But it’s not like that’s carved in stone at all. Fred always loves to suck my cock, always has, and he usually wants it up his ass from me at least once over a weekend. George, the bottom, is almost always going to top his baby bro at least once. It’s all real loose and easy.” Jeff was rock•hard again at the thought of a wild rumpus among Max and his brothers. ‘Where The Wild Things Are, indeed,’ he thought.
“Are either of them as big a he•devil as you?” Jeff asked teasingly.
“Both…that’s what I was saying earlier,” Max laughed, “those wild fuckers taught me everything I know.”
“Are the twins’ dicks identical, too?” Jeff asked. “I’ve always wondered that about identical twins, but I’ve never been able to get a pair of them naked at the same time.”
“Close enough,” Max replied. “I can tell them apart but I doubt you could, not at first anyway. You wouldn’t have any trouble getting those two homos naked at the same time, though. A guy as good looking as you are, probably all you’d have to do is glance at the floor and they’d drop trou. Worst case, on a really bad day for them, say they both have the flu, all you’d have to say is, ‘Hey guys, show me your dicks’…you’d have a lot harder time getting them to keep their clothes on than to take them off.”
“Hey, are you offering to hook me up with your brothers?” Jeff asked, laughing.
“Not offering exactly,” Max said, “and not without me, but the next time they’re home, like in a couple of weeks, it might be something to think about…we’ll see.”
“They sound like my kind of guys, for sure,” Jeff mused. “Hey Max, do you want to fuck any of the guys that are here tonight? If you’re feeling kind of shy, you know, and you’ve got a secret thing for hung black dudes or ginger guys with giant cocks or Nordic anal virgins, I could tell the guys that you’re getting tired of winning all the time with me.”
“Thanks, but I’m not tired of winning all the time, not yet,” Max replied, laughing, “but if I do get tired of winning, you know, I’d be happy as fuck to be with any of them in a three•way with you. Seriously, though, I’m not nearly ready to share you.”
“Me either,” Jeff said, “but which one would you pick first for a three•way if you had to make a call, play•caller?” Jeff was lightly stroking his favorite cock (not counting his own).
“Whichever you think would make the most interesting three•way,” Max said. “But if you’re asking me who I think is the hottest guy here besides you, I’d probably say Finn, though it’s a close fucking call.”
“I can’t say yet whether he’d make the most interesting three•way or not,” Jeff replied, “but I definitely have some unfinished business with that hot blond fucker. Maybe we’ll fuck Finn, like tomorrow night, if you feel like it…plus I promised him I’d be the second guy inside him so I may need to take care of that tomorrow afternoon.”
“OK, so I’ve got a question: Why are you fucking Alex in the morning?” Max asked. “Not that he’s not a hot guy, because he is, but stretching yourself so thin doesn’t really make sense, and that hook•up sounds kind of—”
“Sketchy?” Jeff interrupted, laughing. “Because it really is kind of sketchy. For what it’s worth, Mitchell made those arrangements before I even knew you were a homo, let alone before I knew you were going to be my all•time favorite homo, and before I had even met Finn, for that matter, but here’s the whole deal…” and Jeff told him about the seven•jocks•on•Coach train planned for Sunday night, how that had all come about and the necessary advance work that still had to be completed, like Alex’s ‘audition.’
“If you don’t want to try Alex out yourself,” Jeff continued, “I’m going to outsource it, like get Mitchell or Finn to do it. Really, the main thing is Coach just wants Alex to sit on his face - or did before he started feeling bad again about having sex with students. I’m not sure whether he still wants Alex to sit on his face or not. Anyway, that doesn’t have anything to do with the Sunday train.”
“So was this, you and me, an audition for me, too?” Max asked, not at all liking the idea of being just another box for Jeff to check off. His displeasure was obvious, though he knew in his bones (and boner) the connection he and Jeff were making was very real.
“Fuck no, Max,” Jeff assured him, surprised that Max could have even thought that. “No fucking way. No. I knew you and I were going to be together, for us, not for Coach…like while you were walking over to me in the shower, right after we’d busted in on you and Coach, and I don’t mean ‘together’ like a hook•up, I mean ‘together’ like…together.”
“I’ve had a hard•on for you since the first time I saw you, at the first practice,” Max replied, “and, fuck, this afternoon when you said, ‘Aw, man, why didn’t you tell me you’re a fucking homo?’ I knew exactly what you meant. That was about the coolest thing any guy’s ever said to me…”
“This is going to sound goofy, I know, because I really just met you again for the first time, like a few hours ago, so I don’t want you to say a fucking word in response…You promise? But I may have, I think I did…I kind of fell in love with you…sometime between me asking you that and me kissing you after you let me piss on you. Probably I should just say between that question and you letting me piss on you, because by the time I kissed you afterwards I was already on fire for you. I haven’t been trying you out for anything, Max…except for maybe the rest of my life. Don’t say a fucking word, not now, you promised.”
That was when Max’s persistent erection became too insistent for either of them to ignore, or, more specifically, during the desperate, passionate kiss with which Max had first responded to Jeff, since he had promised not to say a word.
“Grrr,” Max growled as he entered Jeff emphatically, and that was OK, because ‘Grrr’ technically isn’t a word.🏈

Jack Richards is the pen name of a southern lawyer and prolific Tumblr author of prose porn.
This piece appeared first on Jack's Tumblr website. More will follow.

Cover art by Joe Phillips


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